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    And so… yesterday wehad some friends over for dinner, and we decided to give this new board game a whirl…. :lol:

    So, picture the scene…. girls against boys…. pencils and papers at the ready, and a fierce competitiveness streak in the air. :lol: The game is played in teams…. and the object of the game is to reach the finish line first, as the chefs to graduate from "Rick’s Culinary Academy"…..

    I’d say that the game is a mixture between pictionary and trivial pursuit, general knowlege… Basically you have to throw the dice, and you have to answer one of 4 categories of questions…."4-bidden fruit"… (your partner in your team has to describe something to you without using the forbidden words)… "Kitchen Kaos", where you have to figure out the missing ingredient… or possibly a word jumble……"Tasto-quest" is a general knowledge,true/false or multiple-choice question…. and our personal favourite…. "Nuudle-doodle"… where you have to draw the word on the card… (incidentally, WITHOUT lifting your pencil from the paper once you’ve started)…. Throw in an egg-timer for some added pressure, and let the competition begin!

    We were in hysterics…. how we managed to derive "asparagus" from a drawing that looked like a watermelon on fire, or a fabulous description of "not bright… and something you do in maths"…. to get "Dim Sum"…. we’ll never know. :oops:

    We were four adults…. an ex-chef, a mommy who bakes…. a daddy who reads a lot… and cooks too, and a mom who seldom darkens the kitchen doorway… The girls won…. and then the boys won…. (and thats only because they had to be VERY VERY VERY strict with us, otherwise we would have wiped the floor with them again)…. Incidentally the resident 6 and 7 year old got involved too… by being board marshalls, throwing the dice for us, and being in charge of the timer.

    IT was a great laugh, a fabulous ice-breaker, and a game we’ll definitely play again…. (and you don’t have to be a culinary genius to play it either!)


    Fab review – thanks Chewie. I have this game on my to-do list for a fun night in with family or friends next time we get the chance!

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