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    Hi girls,

    I was just curoius about the smear tests. I havent one done for years now and I wonder why my GP didnt notify me yet.
    The last time I had mine done was when my daughter was about 2 years (she is 5 now). Still all the results came back unclear so I had to do them again and again and pay for them.
    Does anyone know to what conditions (age or something) them tests will be free of charge? Some one told me the other day she doesnt need to pay for them at her GPs because she is over 25. Is that true? And if its GP related which GP would you recommend?



    i got mine done about 6 weeks ago takes 4 weeks for results to come back … i wouldnt be relying on your gp make your own appointment it was 4 years since my last one and the pleasure was free 😆 😆


    i had 1 last october & it was only 4 weeks for the results too . it was free ,,,.it free from 25 – 60. have a look at all the info there ,,.there a list of places to get it done too .


    contact gp, and book for smear, they arebehind the whole smear test, suprised you weren’t sent for one after you had your ds, odd, usually they take the oppertunity to do them at your 6 week check up…..


    I had mine done of Tuesday, oh the joys. My last one was in May 2007 and i was sent a letter by my GP in July 08 to have another done. I only just got around to it.
    I had to sign a form, your GP will need your PPS number. Obviously if something comes back on your test and you need to be redone then my understanding is that you have to pay.
    I was told the results should be back max 6 weeks.


    My practice nurse told me they didn’t do the smear test at the 6 week check any more because they prefer you to have had a period first. They reccommend now waiting until about 3 months after the birth. My result from the practice nurse was back in about 2 weeks.


    I was told you need a smear every 3 years (my gp sent a reminder to me last month) I was asking at my 6 week check if I needed to book a smear and gp said "Oh your not due one, its doesnt matter how many babies you had in that space of time but the 3 years that matters" ……. I honestly thought it was every 2 years or after you had a baby but No thats not the case.
    Im gettting mine next month, Oh the joys!!!!


    just to remind everybody about free National Cervical Screening Programme

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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