Smear tests??

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    I really really do not like having it done, I tense up at the mere thought of it but having a smear test is something we should all do regularly. I actually called to make an appointment yesterday but the nurse is out sick, so I need to wait until between days 10-14 of my next cycle. Was hoping to get it overwith this month but no can do so will definitely do it next month.

    If anyone needs to have one – please go and do it…Its free and only takes 2 minutes…

    My mam had cancerous cells in her womb 23 years ago – she was having a smear test and the nurse noticed a white clump as she was doing it. She referred her ‘just to be on the safe side’ and when they checked her in hospital, it was cancerous. They removed the bad cells and she was quite illfor a while, with a lot of bleeding but thankfully she recovered fully.

    She recovered so well, that she got pregnant 2 years after this happened and again another 2 years after that – and thats how I have two young sisters!!

    Even back then, cervical cancer was one of the most treatable and it still is today so if you are due a smear, please go and get it. Its not nice but it could save your life.

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