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    Financial Companion

    Okay, I’ve been narrowing down the choice for a new smartphone and based on features, this one is looking good, but I’d love to hear from anyone that actually has one and has used it for a while??

    (Also open to any other suggestions of smartphone models they can recommend, besides the iPhone 4 :wink: )

    Had been looking also at the Samsung galaxy s, but the camera has no flash.

    Financial Companion

    If anyone has got a new smartphone recently and feels like it’s worth recommending, feel free! Been looking at HTC models, Blackberrys, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson S10 etc. Just when I think I’ve decided, one feature or other puts me off 😕 No flash on the galaxy s, no landscape keyboard on the s10, qwerty keyboard too small on blackberrys 🙄

    Helllllllpppppp 😆



    I got a Samsung Nexus S and im sooooooo thrilled with it. According to my brothers (who are very into these things), its the newest & best on the market. They think a lesser model would have done me just fine but i know they are just jealous cause i now have a nicer phone then them -lol.

    I can never go back to a dumb phone.

    I swear everytime i talk about it, i smile – sad i know!!!

    Im like a child with it. The camera is great, the sat nav is handy, i could go on.


    Only bad think about smartphone/ android phone, you cant access/ log into mumstown on it 🙁 But seemingly mumstown are working on that.


    I can sometimes access Mumstown, but I agree, not all the time…. I’ve got a Nokia E52….
    Great phone…. and I’m sure it would be even greater if I accessed all the features on it! 😆 😳


    I’d recommend the Samsung Galaxy – a million features, very good and definitely a good choice.

    As for logging into Mumstown with a mobile phone, be it Android, iphone or standard – the website was built for access with PC, laptop or MAC.
    We will be looking into this in the coming months.

    Financial Companion

    Thanks for those! mmmmm….some food for thought there! Actually, the nokia n97 mini that I have at present was able to log onto mumstown fine the time I tried! I was just about to choose the galaxy s but the lack of flash put me off, as I do use the camera a fair bit on the phones. The galaxy s 2 will be out in a few weeks but my own is playing up so I didn’t want to wait. All other input welcome! 😉


    If i were you id go for the samsung nexus, its out now with vodafone and better then the samsung galaxy.

    Financial Companion

    I’ll have a look at that Mary, but it’s o2 that will be giving me the free smartphone as our business account is up for "negotiation"! 😆


    I’m curious about these. My keypad on my mobile is starting to act up – so due a change. I currently use my phone for talking, texting and the camera.

    I tend to use my laptop for emails and internet access – I have always on broadband paid for by work. When I was off on maternity leave in the last company, I left my laptop with them, so setup my email to come through my mobile – massive phone bill!!!! Has this changed? Receiving emails used to be charge by the mb – which can work out very expensive with all the attachments. Also, the internet access on a standard phone is rubbish. Are these much quicker?Again do you ending up paying for this???


    Love the iphone4… so do the kids, so easy to use

    Financial Companion

    It’s a lot better now Mammycool, most tariff options have some kind of internet useage add on, or you can add about 1gb (which is 1,000 mb) for about €7 or so.


    Im in the process of looking at a new smart phone too.

    The iphone5 is out this summer so I am trying to hold out till then 😉

    but phone shop temptation is hard 😀

    Interersted in what your saying about the samsung nexus MaryE another trip to Vodaphone mybe required 😆

    Good luck with it Dave let us know what you decide.


    Financial Companion

    Will do Gareth! I was trying to avoid any completely brand new models, as there always seems to be a few months of teething problems when they first come out, but I’ll have another look! seems to be good for looking at all the different models.


    My mobile phone is amazing..many people want it..though I think they mainly want to put it in a display case for future generations to look at?
    Whatever that means..I think they are being mean to my big fat Nokia 😆 😆 😆 😆

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