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    We at Mumstown would like to welcome Smart Storage to the website.

    Paul from Smart Storage has taken the very simple idea of using the space underneath your stairs and putting spacious pop-out drawers in the vacant area into practice.

    Smart Storage the innovative Irish home storage provider, is quickly gaining momentum with increased demand for its range of under stairs storage solutions designed to eliminate excess clutter from around the home. Custom designed to fit seamlessly into the unused space under any stairwell, these slide out units will stop you tripping over everyday items such as shoes, toys, sporting equipment and even the vacuum cleaner and willsee an end to the age old argument; who causes the mess in the home!

    Smart Storage provides a range of Irish manufactured products, which also includes attic storage. The under stairs storage solution rangesfrom a single drawer, a large three drawer unit, & larger units if you have the space available. The three drawer unit, which is the most popular, is custom designed specifically to fit into all homes. The units are installed by expert fitters around the country.

    Each drawer is ideal for a variety of storage options and can accommodate either 15 shoes, 3 large school bags, 2 small suitcases, a set of golf clubs or several bottles of wine! So if the clutter in your home is caused by the parents or children, the girls or the boys, the sports enthusiasts or the fashionistas, smart storage has the solution to all your storage requirements.

    Founder of Smart Storage, Paul Jacob found new ways to diversify within his area of expertise. “Smart Storage enables people to maximise storage within the home by utilising the unused space underneath the stairs to clear away clutter. Smart Storage is the perfect solution for those who need to make the most of their existing space by maximising your storage room easily and quickly with discrete solutions. We will find space you never knew you had, and enhance the comfort of your home,” he said.

    The process for installation is simple and involves submitting rough measurements of the area under the stairs to the website:Smart Storage. An expert fitter will then visit your home and all installations are completed in less than one day.

    For further information on Smart Storage or to receive a quote, visit Smart Storage or call (01) 201 7676.


    In my mother in law’s house when you go ‘under the stairs’ to find something you may never be able to get back out! Its dark, cramped full of stuff, half of which we had forgotten was in there – so its almost impossible to find anything.

    We saw the storage systems at a baby show a while back and thought it was a great idea so we had some put in and they are really good. They make a great use of the space and the drawers open and close easily, so you cannot lose things in there because everything is visible when you pull the drawers out. There are no handles on the drawers either sothere is nothing protruding to walk into (which me and the kids certainly would 🙂 )

    very clever idea, great for storing shoes and schoolbags etc to keep the hall area clutter free.


    The hangover from the great housing boom of the past few years is that the majority of houses in Ireland have insufficient storage space. Hands up who wants more room??
    At Smart we have designed accessible and affordable storage solutions for all homes.
    Our units fit into all spaces, so if you have a semi-d or terraced house with a toilet uder the stairs our 3 drawer unit will fit into this space.
    If you have an exisitng closet under the stairs but are too scared to go into the back of it… our units fit in there also.
    The most frequnet concern people raise with us, is they feel the units wont fit into the space they have available.
    Our message is simple ..our units fit… and you would be amazed at how much storage space you have under there & you just cant use it properly.
    Storage for the hoover, school bags, schoes, kit bags, tool storage.
    Our design is simple, neat and organises the chaos under the stairs and in the attic.
    Our units can be decorated to match all colour schemes, and as you redecorate in the coming years our units can be simple painted over to blend in.
    Please click on our website or on the add on the Mumstown web site & check out our gallery or get a quote emailed to you. Its simple.. it works… and it will fit your home.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Paul Jacob
    Smart Storage.


    Great system. Went on website.
    Now have to get a mesuring tape to ask for a quote, to have an idea if it’s affordable to us.



    have to say, we are very happy with our smart storage system. the school bags, umbrellas, shoes and all the other clutter that would usually be in our hall is now tidied away every day.

    such a good use of space and the guys did a really neat job, its very clean & tidy. and I especially like that there are no knobs on the doors – if there were I would be constantly bruised so just as well there are none! 😀


    Now with the kids summer holidays fast approaching…just think of all those school bags & kit bags lieing around the house…. perfect time to log onto our website and get the problem sorted in less then one day.
    Another problem sorted… and now you are ready to enjoy the summer sunshine!!!! 8) 8)


    Keep checking the website, having smart storage is planned in my future. Maybe next year, I hope within 18 months.

    Sabbi, I’ll have to go and check yours 😆 😆


    Great oppertunity for us at Smart Storage to get feed back from our target audience.
    Our mission at Smart Storage is to deliver affordable storage solutions that use spaces within your home that you have no proper access to use.
    So we target the understairs and the attic presently. However we are constantly trying to develop new products for the home .. so tell us where else do you need storage solutions for.. ???
    Tell us so we can develop a solution to the problem.


    The funny thing about the Smart Storage units, once you have them under your stairs you actually ask yourself – why are these not installed in every house and why did it take so long for me to get them installed.

    Its a great product, storing everyday household items like school bags, shoes, kids toys – everything you pick up ten times a day – now safely and easily stored under the stairs.

    We love it.

    As Paul mentioned above – if you have any ideas of where you would like units installed, please jot down your ideas.


    Our mission at Smart Storage is not to just produce storage boxs that lie around the home taking up space.. but to find unused space in the home and make it usefull and accessible for you…..
    So we targeted under the stairs .. we targted the attic… we are working on options for the bathroom… we are working on an option for study beds….

    We understand that Mums run the home…you make the critical calls and no what is needed. We understand that in the present climate everyone is looking for affordable solutions.. and thats what we are working on..
    So if you have not already checked out our website please do so or giv eus a call on 01-2017676. We fit nationwide and would love the oppertunity to install in your area…. and remember we can do Neighbourhood deals… give us a call or drop a line and we can talk…


    Any ideas for hotpress?
    like sliding sides or sliding shelves with clear bottom to see from underneath?



    That is a very interesting idea with the hotpress, so many things drop behind it, nice if something could be done there.


    Great minds think a like, we are working on a system for the hot press and also the bathroom and hopeto have it furtehr developed later in the summer / autum.. 😉


    Hi Fabienne – drop in anytime to have a look, we are delighted with ours. no more tripping over schoolbags and shoes and umbrellas in the hall way.

    Smart storage – what about in the box room? in some houses there is unused space behind and under the built in bed area in boxrooms, this could be one to look into?


    I worked in a pharmacy in France, and in pharmacies it’s quite standard to have sliding shelves with clear bottom for higher shelves, so you can from underneath see what you’re grabing, because hand can reach higher than the eyes can see.
    And been short myself, I did find it very handy. Not that I see mysefl short (I don’t see my husband as a tall man), so I guess I have a very strange perception of people height) , but everyonce in a while I realised that few extra inches could be handy.

    Clear bottom and sliding sleves.
    Then I’ll be checking for special offer pack, stairs + hotpress. 😀


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