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    Got an email saying that there is up to 50% off top toy brands.

    Might go up and have a goo tomorrow to see if I can save any money on what the boys have picked out! :lol:


    Good tip, might have to pop in. Not sure what to get for ds (will be 6months at xmas…crikey!) maybe the wii fit….sure he’ll grow into it 😆 and in the meantime I can lose the spare tyre 😉


    Dont waste your time, I says 50%off but its only off one ben10 ipod was 48 now 24 some of theother things have a few euro off…. I did see a gi joe play set was 160 now 60!!!! was going to buy if from santa…. I cant just give the child a 12 euro heatons gun 😳 😳 😳 😳


    Alot of them are just toy specific…as in its not discounts throughout the store!!! pain in bum.

    But sure im all done so i dont care hahaha and i didnt pay full price for a single thing i bought j 🙂


    lol muso – i got the wii fit only recently and apparently now there’s a wii fit plus!!!!
    my dd will be 6months a xmas – not getting alot it’s mainly for the benefit of the older child 😆 😆 socks & tights & rattle & books in her stocking and a teddy & toy under the tree – haven’t decided on what toy though


    for j’s first x mas he was 7 months old and we got him this piano thing that he could lie under and see all the stuff and hit them and they make noise and then when he was able to stand you turned it around and it was a keyboard that light up and played music……for €40 and it lasted about 3 years with him…could be an idea if they are still about….it was v tech or something like that as far as i can rem…..cos we’re talking 8years ago now haha

    a wii fit plus lol munch aw well…if thee is at least u have the balance board you’ll only need to get the disc game if you wanted to 🙂


    There’s a half price toy sale on in Tesco, Its quite good, I was in it this morning.. Loads of half price toys 😀


    Yeah seen loads of transformer stuff in tesco today…… A was 5 months for his first xmas and he got a vtech phone and a vtech teddy.
    M will be just over one and he is just getting a vtech learnng tree and A a 12 euro gun from heatons, he doesnt want anything else as "he has enough" (his words not mine)

    I got a little pop up toy in smyths yesterday from A to M for his birthday, but its going back tomorrow, M has got his fingers trapped twice, once really bad and his finger looks very sore, not happy at all, this shouldnt happen in a childs toy


    Smyths are selling all the musical instruments for the X Box Rock star game for 49 euro.
    You get the guitar, drums and a microphone. Not the game though that is extra

    A great big box perfect for Santa.

    I couldn’t wait for Santa..we were playing it till 11 pm last night.



    Hmm, that sounds just like me,

    I went to smyths last week and bought a couple of bits for xmas and dd has already had 3 out of 6 items out of the bag in the wardrobe! i just cant help myself, especially when she keeps going to the wardrobe ( whos handles are going to have to be tied toghether to prevent little fingers gettin in) and saying "mammy Surprise"!

    next year i’ll wait. its going to cost me a fortune i’ll have to go out and buy more stuff now.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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