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    My mam and sister started at Slimming World this week and while the food advice and eating plans are fairly sensible, I was shocked to hear that the leader told them they ‘don’t need to exercise to lose weight’ with the Slimming World plan. She said exercise is not essential and that they can do some exercise if they want but not to worry if they don’t because they’ll still lose weight regardless.

    I think this is terrible advice and it really bothers me that a woman in charge of a group of people who are struggling with weight issues, says that exercise is not essential. IMO this is very bad advice and irresponsible of her to say to people at the classes.

    Regardless of their weight, people need to exercise to be healthy. It is an integral part of feeling good and having your body work properly. Just eating healthy is not enough – we need to move about to be properly healthy.

    It worries me that there is so much focus on weight and that people worry about what the weighing scales say, rather than how they feel.

    For example, my mam and I weigh around the same give or take a few pounds but I am a full dress size smaller than her. I run, walk, go to classes at labfitness and generally feel quite healthy in myself but she does not really do much exercise. She used to walk alot but got out of the habit and now instead of getting back out walking she is doing slimming world instead. So while she is worrying about getting her weight down, I am just focusing on getting fitter and leaner and toning up with a combination of a health diet and exercise.

    I wish we could be happier in ourselves and not always obsessing about weight…. :(


    I do agree exercise is needed for shaping your body and healthy mind (you sleep better, you feel better…).
    But I agree with the leader you don’t need to exercise to loose weight if diet is right and calories intake reflecting the no exercise.
    If you’re very overweight, obese, exercise can be very difficult physicaly when changing food diet is easier.
    I just hope that leader says that they should be more active.
    Often the word exercise / gym will scare inactive obese people. And losing the first few pounds / stone will put your mind and body ready for more physical activity and real exercise.

    My sister in law was more obese than me (most of you know me), never exerciced. Last year, she decided to go on a diet for the first time in her life. She’s now a size 12.
    At first she just stopped using left and escalators (still not use them anymore), then she started doing exercise, but at first she would not have been able to.
    I should take exemple from her, the change is amazing.

    So I hope the leader did not discourage exercise, but just try to focus on diet and that she’ll recommend beeing more active depending on each abilities.



    Well done to your sister Fabienne!

    I was in Slimming World before and they definitely don’t discourage exercise, but they do say its not necessary to lose weight and this is true. As Fabienne said exercise is to make you feel better.. and for toning.


    I know a few who’ve been to slimming world and I think sometimes a lot of people are put off by having to exercise – and slimming world encourages them to get their diet right first – and there fore say it’s not necessary to lose weight but I would hope that they don’t discourage exercise as I agree a balance of both is needed.
    I’m back on the lose weight band wagon but I know myself from years of trying if I do too much too soon, I’ll end up putting myself under pressure and it’ll all go to the wall ……..again – So this time I’m concentrating on my eating habits for the month of January and will then put the focus on exercise.


    I didn’t think of it that way girls, thanks for giving me another perspective on it. I can understand how getting the food sorted first is a good idea and then the exercise will follow.

    My mam got herself some new runners and is hitting the pavements again so she’ll be back to her trim old self in no time and I think the walking is good for her head too, so its good she is doing both. 😀

    I just wish us women wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, I think we sometimes put too much thought into our weight and not enough on general health & well being.

    Thanks again girls


    IM SORRY GUYS BUT I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS!!!..n 1. dieting will not get you skinny…will simply let you drop some pounds of the scales by doing a non sustainable eating plan (yo-yo dieting anyone?)…how many of you have gone on a diet and have kept the weight off since then?… research says 2% of the population!..

    if you are serious about fat loss (totally different to weight loss) you need to have a proper tailor made sustainable eating plan and you need to exercise (cleverly) to rev up your metabolism (as food alone doenst do this!)

    Ask yourself this question: if your diet worked, why do you have to keep going back to it over and over again?

    Plus at the end of the day I want to look good on a bikini/naked… and without exercises that is impossible

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