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    One word to describe the oasis concert on in Slane. MAD!
    Ive never seen so many people out of their minds! And yes ive been to loads of gigs but lastnight took the biscuit. I had to ask my friends am i getting too old or are they all out of their heads!! Ive been soooo excited about going and had my gig outfit ready for weeks! transport organised, baby wipes, rain coat, couple bottles of water! the usual gig guide.
    The gig itself was fab and the atmosphere was electric as to be expected but after a bottle was thrown and hit me on the back of the head just missing my eye then i started to feel very afraid of the gangs around me and how out of control nearly everyone was.It ruined it for me. Dont get me wrong I jumped around to the prodigy with the best of them but i didnt go overboard and start throwing bottles of beer at peoples heads! Their was bodies everywhere! The garda did their job but in fairness most where past help at 4pm!
    The rubbish was absolutely disgracful! What the hell did people think they where doing drinking bags of cans and just flinging them at the walls and on the roads in Slane Village! There was burgers throw at peoples windows!
    When we finally got into Slane there was an hour que to the bar and that was if you where not crushed by all the lads messing and moshing everyone. People where getting trampled on and had to be pulled out, so couldnt even get a beer had to do with half a beer from my friend and bottle of water. Still i said to hell with it, its all about soaking up the atmosphere and dancing the night away.I dont like lager anyway so i wasnt that bothered at that stage.
    After leaving the gig (with a big gash on my head and my parters sock as a bandage :lol: ) We had to walk for 3 hours into Drogheda because you would have had a better chance getting a flying carpet!! I met a young girl only 15 who had lost her friends and she lived in Derry she was just walking along the road out of her face and crying because she hadnta clue where she was.
    Arrived at the Lourdes and we just walked straight back out the doors and ended up getting a taxi to the VHI clinic to get my head sorted! I have water blisters that small fish could swim in all over my feet!! So to sum it up the gig and music was fantastic, but so not worth the injuries and mental torture! NEVER AGAIN! And it cost us €152 and then some :(
    Sorryfor the rant but i really had to get that of my chest. Ah well hopefully Oxygen will make up for it :D


    I wasnt there myself but my husband was there afterwards collecting people(taxi driver) and he said it was bedlam.LIke you said he said there was young girls walking around on there own crying because they had got seperated fromtheir friends and hadnt a clue where they were.He said it was desperate and he had people crying and begging him for help to get home.He did what he could to help them but even as he was driving away (towards Drogheda) he said there were people walking along the roads (no street lights) and trying to jump out of the way of cars.Seemingly a lot of people who had arranged to go home on busess/coaches had taken the wrong route after the concert which left them miles from where they were supposed to get the bus and they were completly stranded.Thats an awful long walk back to Drogheda especially after been on your feet all day,You must have been wrecked.


    I wasnt that wrecked i had plenty of energy and i was stone cold sober plus I dont mind walking. I had my wellys on so no high heels thank god.
    But with a big gash in my head, no toilets, and yes pure darkness the whole way to Drogheda. My partner had enough of my moaning to last him a lifetime! Plus he had no socks on because he gave them to me as a bandage! About 100 of us where all shouting at one another walking along in single file that their was another car coming. I kept saying to my partner are you there are you there! He didnt answer me a few times and of course everyone heard my mouth! I know Slane pretty well.
    I think alot of people where just to smashed to see the signs. When we left the gig we knew we had a good walk to meet our taxi, (at a small pub)Basically she was sat their for over an hour with the first pick up still waiting to leave but the cars where going no where at that stage and that was 12 o clock! so we decided to keep walking in the hope she would get us on the way back. I doubt she bothered to be honest because her phone was off. We followed the signs and the crowd all walked together. The road back to Drogheda took 3hours. I would imagine it was dismorning before a lot of the people who missed their coaches/pick ups got home. I hope that young girl did anyway we left her at the bus depot and i think she managed to get her brother to pick her up (from derry!) if it was my child i would have been straight into the car and in Drogheda within the 2 hours! Anyway its done with now and although it wont put me off going to Slane again i dont think i would be as excited about it all being surrounded by so many lunatics out of their heads.
    Fair play to your hubby, i saw a lot of taxi drivers helping and stopping, and then we heard a taxi tell a group of women give me €20 a head to Drogheda and in they jumped. Mind you i think i would have paid it myself at that stage.

    Night 😀


    wow that sounds really bad, glad i didnt go now 🙂 my bro had to walk all the way home too 🙂

    they are talking about it on g ryan now.

    roll on oxy its soooooooooo much better organised!!!!


    god reminds me of the robbie williams concert in phoenix park – we were sober but took wrong route out of park and walked into town was easier than waiting on buses but was a long auld walk


    Hahahahaha munch, our bus was 5 mins outside the gate at phoenix park 🙂 but my now x got lost, the bus wouldnt wait and he had to pay €45 for a taxi home, good enough for him hahahaha.

    i just think slane now has gone to the dogs re the set up, they have barely any porta loos, they dont let you past a acertain point in a bus or car and they really should have big signposts with directions on them!!! esp for people who havent a clue which way to go when they get out of the place!!!


    Oh, So glad i couldnt get a ticket hee hee


    my hubby said exactly the same as what you did happy!! He got a bus back to Ardee lucily enoough, but he said the amount of people passed out all over the place was unreal!!!

    It wouldnt be my cup of tea, much prefer a gig like in croker or O2 tbh 😆


    I saw in the paper this morning that the organisers have admitted that there were problems (understatement) and would like people to email them at with their complaints so that they can ensure it doesnt happen again.



    Thanks for that email address i intend to write a very strongly worded email and a picture of the blisters on my feet 😆
    I had to drive to Ardee the other day and just couldnt stomach driving through Slane I went up the m1 the long way!!!!! 🙄 😆

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