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    My son had a bad fall a few weeks ago and his face was badly cut. His skin has healed well but it is still red in places and patchy, where he was cut.

    Is there something I could be using do to help it come back to its previous colour and help the pink and red bits go back to normal?


    Bio oil would work well or a Vit E cream


    We agree Bio-oil would work well and Elave intensive cream is great too and can double up as a barrier cream if playing outside or swimming. Apply before you go out to protect skin. We would recommend also staying away from bubble baths and shampoos that are perfumed and coloured and contain alcohol as the suds can reach the area and sting and keep the skin pink and red. The pink and red skin is new baby skin and needs to stay clear of chemical nasties. We hope this helps.


    I’ve been using Elave Junior Intensive cream, its good and thick but is absorbed into the skin easily and it seems to be working well. He is looking more like himself every day – thankfully! He is so pale that the redness was really obvious but he’s much better now.

    Thanks for the tips…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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