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    Hi there,
    not sure if this is the right place for this post, but sure will give it a go!
    I am doing bridesmaid for my cousin in 4 months and i need some help with my skin, it is in really bad condition and would love to get it up to scratch in time for the wedding.
    It is quite red and blotchy and i regulary get spots on my chin and neck?
    my problems are that i have no idea what products to get, and the ones that i do eventually get need to be quite inexpensive as finances, like everyone else are very limited!
    so any advise will be greatly appreciated! have posted this in yummy section too


    Hi there,

    I would highly recommend Liz Earle products. I have been using them for about 2 years now and they have hugely improved my skin.

    I use the Cleanse & Polish Hot cloth cleanser which has won so many awards. You remove the cleanser with a muslin cloth, which you get when you buy the starter pack. The cloth also acts as a mild exfoliater. It really does leave your skin glowing. It is also great for removing eye make up!

    I follow this with the skin tonic and as I have dry skin I use the superskin moisturiser. You can get the producs online. Lots of my friends are now using her products and love them too. Best of luck


    Avon as various range, and not too bad on the wallet, and some are very very good, some not so much. But it all depends on the skin. There is for example a product I really really don’t like and I do sell it a lot. Then some not the most expensive one are in my opinion just small miracles.

    They have various range and various product for various skin type in each range.

    I just learnt by an make-up artist, that you should put a primer after your day cream and before foundation and make-up, so make-up will last longer.
    So if you can’t get a great skin in 4 month you can always cover the flaws for the day with nice make-up.

    There is a compagny Elseve who advertise here and have chemical free products, don’t have a clue of what it cost.

    I’m in Bettystown, if you want to come to me I have some product that you could see before order. I can only advise on Avon, don’t really know others.



    Did you ever try dermabrasion? It basicsally rub away the dead skin cells & sucks them up with a mini hoover. The price varies widely, so you need to shop around. My sister’s skin is very troublesome & she has some acne scarring as well, & it really did improve the look of her skin. Maybe try that first & then follow up with some good creams etc??


    Hi travelgirl,

    You can get good advice from the Mumstown skin care experts over in the ask the expert section. Our skin care experts are from Elave, whose products are Irish produced, award winning, are free from dangerous chemicals and are approved by the Irish Eczema Society.

    Here is the link to that section:

    Hope that helps.

    Mumstown team.


    Hi travelgirl

    I understand that you would like to have your skin in great condition for your bridesmaid duties. It sounds like you have very sensitive skin and it may be that whatever products you use in your skincare routine may not be agreeing with your skin type.

    For anyone with sensitive skin – you should use gentle non-irritating products that are free from soap, colourings and perfume which can irritate the skin further and cause redness and itchiness. I would also suggest keeping a close eye on what shampoo and conditioner you use. Also sometimes when washing your hair in the shower the sud’s may run down the body and irritate your skin so even though you may be using a gentle wash on your body you may undo the good by using a perfumed/harsh shampoo. Elave have a full skin care range – we have a Facial Cleanser that is a lovely product to use and doesn’t dry the skin out.

    Use a good intensive cream several times daily to help relieve redness and itchiness. If you wish to send me your email address to, i would be happy to send you on some samples of our Elave Range.


    Elave Skincare

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