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    Every now and again the skin on one of my hands, particlurarly on my knuckles goes very dry & scaley & starts to crack. The knuckles end up very red & quite sore. The condition usually starts to repair itself after a few days of intense moisturising with something for sensitive skin.

    I haven’t used any different detergents etc

    Any ideas what it is, or what is causing it? It looks quite ugly & gets me down a bit (I’m pregnant, but don’t think it’s connected…)


    Get a really thick moisturiser or petroleum jelly. I use elave intensive moisturising cream, its very thick and works well in this weather especially. I also have a stick of burt’s bee lip balm in my bag when I go out and if I forget my hand cream, I put a bit of this on.

    Cracked knuckles are so annoying and sore….lots of moisturising should sort it out


    I suffered the same Pookie2. Get a tub of emulsifying ointment in any chemist – a couple of euro for a big tub – at night rub it into your hands and then put a pair of cotton gloves on for the night. Do this for a few nights and you will really notice the difference. Also, then during the day use Lidl iseree hand cream for under 2 quid. I really suffered with dry hands for years since my pregnancies with cracking of the knuckles and even bleeding but havent had that problem since i started the above … of luck 😀


    Thanks for that. As well as being sore, it is a bit on the ugly side. Appreciate the advice.


    The advice we give for dry cracked skin on knuckles or hands is a 2 pronged approach. At night, while watching TV and overnight if you can: put Ovelle emulsifying ointment and cotton gloves on – this heats up the skin and surges moisture into the skin. The longer you can leave the gloves on the better the results. During the day, have a tube of Elave intensive Cream in your bag or car and put on your hands 2/3 times during day. The Elave intensive cream is rich and nourishing but easily absorbed. If you find the emulsifying ointment too much or you hands are just dry you can use the Elave Intensive Cream at night with the cotton gloves. If the skin isvery cracked, emulsifying ointment works fast. The Emulsifying Ointment 100g is €3.09 and please ask for the Ovelle brand as it is free from preservatives. Elave Intensive Cream 125g is €7.99 and is free from worrying chemicals( good during pregnancy). Last tip for those of us with dry hands – choose a shampoo that is very gentle and free from Sulfates. Lots of us put our sensitive dry hands into a head full of coloured, perfumed,harsh suds when we wash our hair and undo all the moisturising. Elave shampoo is €6.99. Ask in Pharmacy. Hope this helps. 😉

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