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    Term begins this week in-
    Balbriggan – Mondays
    Mornington – Thursdays – Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa
    Stamullen – Fridays


    PUPILS ACCEPTED FROM 4YRS OF AGE – 8 euros per class.

    CALL 0863371187 E-MAIL – for more details.


    We sent our daughter to Sinead last year and just cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Our daughter had a bit of a tough summer, she had been getting picked on a little bit by some girls and was feeling insecure. Her confidence had taken a bit of a bashing and even though we had enrolled her in a dance summer camp she did not like it and we ended up going down one day to collect her, as she was in tears and not enjoying it. She loves dance and drama so we looked for somewhere else to send her and found Sinead and decided to give that a go.

    So when we put her in with Sinead, we asked her to keep an eye on her and tell us how she was interacting with the other kids because we were a bit worried about her.

    Sinead was so great, she was encouraging and supportive and really helped our daughter come out of her shell again.

    In June we went to see the theatre production of Oliver! (our daughter was an orphan) and we had such a great night. Seeing our daughter on the stage having a great time and dancing away without a care in the world was really amazing.

    This year our 7 and 5 year old girls are both going and we know they’ll both love it. Sinead is so sweet with the kids but really knows how to teach, so they do learn alot too.

    And there are pay as you go options, so no need to sign up and pay alot of money upfront.

    Looking forward to getting our girls down next Thursday!


    Our girls are so excited to be going to Miss Sinead’s class today. They are booked in for 4pm at the Gaelscoil, Old Mill Road, Drogheda.

    Its pay as you go, so if they miss a week or they only want to go every other week, no big expense to parents.

    Sinead is brilliant – cannot recommend her highly enough! Ideal from age 4 or 5 upwards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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