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    i’ve read about the mom who abused her kids over 6 years, left them in dirty clothes never washed them and fed them dinner twice a week and then got her eldest son to perform sexual acts on her…..

    what a sicko i’m disgusted how can anyone do that to their kids, my heart bleeds for them….


    just said in news she got 7 years that’s disgraceful should be more…and worse…


    the sexual acts were the ones that made my stomach turn!!!!!

    she openly admitted that she was the worst mom in the world,, you dont say mrs.

    its an absaloute disgrace tht it was gong on for so long!!!!!! did no one cop it on at all??


    I would love to be one of the bad girls in ‘the joy’ waiting for her!!! She is in for it when she gets to prison! And if the screws in the prison have children then they will accidentally on purpose leave her alone in the shower for a few minutes!!!! Scummy scumbag! No words to describe the hatred for her right now! AND HOW THE HELL DID NO ONE COP NITS THE SIZE OF BUMBLE BEES in the kids heads and rats. dirty house, oh and her children where probably all mentally disturbed for 6 years!!!! 😈 😈

    Twisted B*tch let me at her! 😈 😈


    just wondering what about the kids dad/s where were they in all of this


    One of the children was only 3! I wouldn’t be happy right now if i was their teacher or neighbour and never picked up on anything. As for the dads god knows.


    Does someone have the link to this story so i can read it. I heard a similar case or it might be the same one. I’m so disturbed that any mother can do something like this. Poor children and i hope all those adults that ever had contact with them fell like sh888t!!!


    Oh, she is a sick monster – those poor little children. I assume there was no man living in the house with her. But surely those children had a father? If so, where is he? Or is this another case where the father has no rights and no one will listen to him? What has actually happened to the children now?

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    what is also shocking that everybody knew that the kids were neglected !! and for some there was nothing wrong going on 👿 👿
    mother living kids on their own because she wanted to go go the pub 🙄
    mother raping her own son and only getting 7 years!! 👿
    people have seen the state of these poor kids and done nothing 👿 👿 👿


    Shannon Mathews mum got 8 years in jail… .good enough for her!

    Girls I seen a family just like this one in the papers. It was my very first day working in West Tallaght (Jobstown) and I knocked at a door with letters as they ahd no letter box, 2 kids opened the door a girl about 5 and a boy about 3, I SWEAR to God I have never ever seen two kids so dirty and the girls hair was matted and FULL of head lice (I could see this about a distance of about 4 feet away)
    I started to watch them every morning and one day a fucking HUGE RAT ran up the net curtains in the front room! I nearly died!
    Then the little kid George started to follow me, one day he followed me for about 2 hours and NO one was even looking for him. he told me he was coming home with me and start trying to get into my car! Now this child was only 3!
    I went into the local postoffice where a garda would sit behind the counter due to abuse the post office staff got, I explained the the child was trying to get into my car, she said she couldnt leave the counter but she rang down fo the station to get a car up to bring him home.

    I was stunned and went home to my parents and told him , my mam didnt believe me. So one day we were passing this area and I drove my mam through and she was shocked at the poverty. I still think about these kids 15years later and wonder how life turned out for them (oh they had different mothers, their mothers were two sisters who lived with the one man) The social services called to this house everyday to get the girl ready for school, why they werent taken off them I will never know.

    In the same area about 2 months later I was parked at the local shops, I would park outside the butchers so he would mind my car when I did the delivery. I was getting into my car and a junky came up and grabbed the door and told me to get out of the fucking car… I was about to get out then I thought NO WAY I had just bought the car and was my first brand new car… I had a stearing lock behind the drivers seat so I grabbed it and swung it at him nearly taking his head clean off…… I would bump into him on a regulat basis and he would call me "a fucking mad bitch" and told his mates not to try rob me as I was mental 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 I was never robbed while working there and would you believe came very fond of the local junky and his mates.
    Sorry for the rant but when you hear these stories you think it couldnt happen but it does 😆

    That woman the dirty is one thing, but a bar of soap an some warm water doesnt cost much, but getting her child to have sex with her….. hanging woudnt be good enough for her, when you hear of sex abuse you think of men and not inclinded to think of a woman doing it to her child…. sicko!


    Like everyone else its hearbreaking to read a story where any child is neglected or abused but when its a mum doing it we all shudder……….. I felt awful that another woman who is a mother could do this and I felt angry that she could abuse this position of trust and love that most of us mums treasure.

    But I really don’t believe she is a one off. I’ve known children in my time who are visiably neglected and from what I hear and see they would be emotionally neglected too. They wouldn’t get washed and have clean clothes as other kids do and can be out on the streets late at night at a very young age. It goes on in a lot of places and people know.

    It is the old school of thinking where a child is better at home with a family than in care!!!!!! The relevant bodies do know whats going on……they know all is not perfect. But I suppose like everyting else in this country it boils down to money, funding, and staffing.

    The sad thing is that children don’t have a voice that can be heard in many cases and they don’t even know in some cases that what they are going through is not the ‘norm’ for most kids. It really is up to the ‘adults’ in society to speak out for them and to make sure their pleas for help in any small way are noticed and listened to. And when somebody goes to the bother of ringing a service to let them know that something is actually done about it, not just a note taken, kept on file etc. These children only have one childhood and they can’t wait for when the time is right for state services to intervene. They deserve their childhood now and to limit how much neglect, abuse etc. they have to be exposed to before something is done.



    It is up to everyone to keep children safe…from neighbours to teachers, but it is infuriating when people do care and contact social services yet nothing happens. I ran a family project for years in a deprived area of Dublin and saw so many examples of blatant neglect. I would document and inform social services yet nothing would happen! I was told by social workers that they would "look into" the reports yet children remained in these situations, often until their lives became in danger. I was even told by a team leader not to contact them again unless it was a "life or death" situation as they were over burdened. People don’t realise just what a dire state The HSE is in. I think it is also important to say that this type of abuse is happening in every walk of life, from deprived to privileged, so we should all play our part.

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