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    I have ice broadband since last year! Im not joking when i say it has never worked properly! Everytime i ring they say they are sending out an engineer and surprise surprise nobody arrives out!
    So they are getting chucked tomorrow. Ive been nice and polite on the phone as i beleive in not shooting the messenger but its gone beyond that now. :twisted: Im practically sitting on top of the router and still hardly any signal! Wireless my AS*!
    Anyone else use the vodaphone sticks broadband???? Was just gonna get one of these instead. :)


    We use the O2 modem and find it great, in O2 they will tell you if it will work in your area or not… I think the village is fine for broadband??


    Not sure where youre living…but I used 3 broadband mobile and boy was it brutal….the telephone landline was quicker for internet access…..I got every excuse under the sun from 3. From had I not got a laptop and move around the house to see if I got better speeds, can I move it higher up the house(the computer is upstairs in the attic conversion?) to my computer was too old and so on and on..and on.

    one call to comreg….the communications regulator….they gave me a complaint number and told me to ring 3 helpline again and make a formal complaint and get a complaint number. About 3wks later got a call from comreg to say it was dealt with and a call from 3 refunding the cost of my modem if I brought it back to the shop I bought if from and a cheque for the months rental for service. Was happy I complained and got all my money back for a really crap service.

    With eircom bundled now and 100% happy.


    We’re with Imagine, it’s fine for broadband but my husband has a mail account with them for work as he can’t use hotmail etc and it is worse than brutal! First you login and after about 20 attempts, you might get in, you might not. He sends a mail, it’s in sent items, his boss rings a week later, never got it… We’ve rang them a million times over about this, always got a very quick response, but no-one has ever been able to fix the problem!

    super minder

    im with digiweb 307 for the year and got frree land line number and phone as well as free local calls
    workd out at 25 euro a month but the services are good and service man was a goodlooking man which must count for something xxxx


    I am with Perlico. I find them very good. Never really had a problem and when I did, just called them.

    I actually have to call them again I think, but before I do, does anyone know how to secure the network so no-one else can pick it up.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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