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    Just looking for some info – My DH has been out sick for the last few months due to an accident in work – he works for an English Company – he was paid for the first 6 months full pay and sent in his illness benfit cheque from social welfare every week , Know they are only paying him half his wages should he be still sending in his illness bebefit cheque…

    I rang Cizitiens information and they said to look at his contract , he needs to get a copy of this from work next week.

    Just wondering has anyone experienced this or can advise ??

    He had surgery last week and is on the road to recovery – but it is a stressful time.. he hopes to return to work mid december

    He has spoken to a scolitor – he needs to be refunded for his loss of earnings and expenses…
    Its a pity you can’t put a price on stress



    Hi Libby,

    It depends on what type of sick pay scheme his employer operates. In most cases he will move from full pay to half pay after six months and continue to send his social welfare cheques to his employer while he’s out sick.

    The exception would be if he is paying in to some type of income continuance scheme or insurance if he is out sick. He would be able to tell if he does that by looking at the deductions on his pay slip.

    Unfortunately there is no legal requirement on an employer to pay sick pay at all in this country so he’s probably not doing too badly (I know thats the last thing you want to hear).

    Get that claim lodged for his expenses and compensation if you can. My H had an accident at work and has never been able to return and was sucessful in his claim for compensation.




    Normally a person gets 6 months full pay and then this is reduced to half pay and continue to send the social welfare cheques to his employer. Half pay can be up to 6 months and after that there is no payment from the employer and if an employee is on sick leave for longer than 12 months they receive the social welfare illness benefit.

    My husband was out for 11 months due to illness and he received 6 months full pay and then half pay for the remainder of the time.


    Thank You for those comments – Thats what we thought

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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