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    Our 7 month old has a tummy bug, last night she vomited several times and was upset during the night. She has been sick a few times today as well. We have not given her any solids, just a little breastmilk and water.

    I tried not to feed her during the night and this morning and give her some water instead but she was having none of it. She cried and howled for me to feed her so I gave her some little breastfeeds. She is still hot and has been sick since but do not want her getting dehydrated so not sure what to do

    Not sure whether to give her nothing at all from me and try the water again or give her breastmilk and if she throws it up, well so be it.

    Any advice welcome! thanks..


    I seem to recall having to continue with the breastfeeding….. basically from the hydration side of things…. ? But it was a long time back, so if I were in your shoes, I’d be calling the chemist just to check?


    We are getting a new ‘ask the pharmacist’ on Mumstown and I emailed them just now so will see what they come back with!


    Zara must have the same bug as she has been vomiting too since last night. Any plain solids I gave her today came back up. I just kept nursing her little and often today and all last night so she can get as many antibodies as possible 😯

    This too shall pass…


    I emailed the pharmacist and this was her advice:

    Firstly its important to ensure baby is well hydrated so you can ensure this by giving rehydration sachets eg Dioralyte bought from a pharmacy and also keep breastfeeding. Breastmilk also contains water to rehydrate and even though child may still have a vomiting bug its important to keep fluids up. It is acceptable not to give any solid foods until the baby is feeling better and especially avoid any heavy foods or acidic food like fruit until tummy bug has subsided.

    A good way of knowing if baby is dehydrated is to check for wet nappies -if nappies are dry you must give more fluids. Also check for a sunken fontanelle.

    If the baby has a temperature you must give Paracetamol as well for the temperature and cool baths also or sponge down the baby to take temperature down. If the vomiting persists contact GP tomorrow.

    I kept on feeding baby and she has come around. She stopped vomiting yesterday and was grand by last night. We took her out this morning and she cried and cried all day. Had to leave event early and take her home and she has been glued to me all day. No temp, no vomiting – she just seems tired and wants mammy so I am making myself available to her 100% until she feels better. Poor little mite, hopefully she will sleep ok tonight and be in better form tomorrow!


    If anyone needs some advice and wants to contact Carol at O’Regan Pharmacy, here is her contact details: and phone number for pharmacy is 01 8414586.

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