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    Poor Hailey has been fighting another cold the past few days :( went to the doctor last night and he said she has a ear infection.shes really pale & out of sorts.he gave us an antibiotic to give 3 times a day.I took a days holiday from work to stay home with her today & she seems to be getting worse she has vomitted 5 times in the last hour & is crying,coughing,snotty & generally really upset.

    I rang the doctor & he said if the vomitting continues or her temperature rises to go back to him later today.

    Dont really know what advice i think i can get right now from the other mumstowners,but am just panicing a bit,really hate seeing her ill.


    Oh the poor little mite, look stay calm! I know its hard when your baby is sick but she is good hands and as the GP said bring her in later if she is still the same.
    It does take a while for the creche immunity to build up, if it keeps up would you look at a childminder?


    I think if she does get sick again I will really look into a childminder,as she has only been in creche a month (2 days a week) and she has been sick twice.I just worry about her immune system,seen as it is weaker than other childrens,I mean her left lung only reached full development last month.

    She really isnt herself,she looks so miserable & shes soooo pale its scarey


    Have you tried giving her some Diarolyte for hydration, this is good when they’re sick and you can put in her a bottle for her and get different flavours, like blackcurrant etc and it will help keep her temperature down

    Childminders are a great option if you can do that – did you check with your local childcare committee? they have a list of childminders who are qualified and in your area. They can be very helpful sometimes.

    Hope she feels better soon and you too, its very stressful for you.


    ah hope she’s better soon – it’s rotten when they’re not well

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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