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    Hi all,

    I’m wondering should I change DS to this or can I leave him on C+G1? he’s just coming up to six months now and eating a wide variety off ruit and veg. The bottles haven’t been going too well though. he’s taking an average of 20 ounces a day as opposed to his previous 32. Because of this, I’m concerned his iron store could be runnning out and I’m not sure if the fruit and veg is topping it up. (About 8cubes per day).
    Is it really neccessary to use follow on or is their existence just a ploy to advertise formula like my friend was saying?

    Thanks for any advice you might have. :?:


    Personally I think these follow on milks are a marketing scam from these companies, seriously!!! There advertising is excessive. There was no such thing when i had my ds 8 years ago and he survived on C&G for his first 12 months and then straight onto cows milk from 1 year old.

    Thats just my opnion though.


    i am on third baby and i would think about changing to follow on milk at 6 months event though i did not change with other 2.
    I am assuming that certain advancements have been made since i had the other 2. if you are worried about iron level which i am as they are always saying things like 1 in 6 irish children are iron deficient then change.
    having said that i dont think that my others have suffered and it certainly wasnt a issue when i was a baby…..and i am ok!
    I am concious also that you just want to do whats best for your baby and the formula companies know that and play to it alittle. maybe ask your phn what recommendations there are? or if there are any studies published which prove that you are better changing?
    i might do that myself next time i see her.


    Thanks for the advice girls. It’s so hard to know being a first timer. The dreaded injections are Friday so I’ll ask then. Thanks a million!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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