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    should Heath Ledger have won an Oscar…
    I had to ask , as there is alot saying he should not have won it , it was only given out of pity.

    I believe he should have won it but it was unfortunate that it was after his death his talent was noticed and awarded. :cry:


    Who ever is questioning should he have won the Oscar ,cause it was only given out of pity, i doubt they did see his role as Joker in the movie! IMO it was well deserved, he was awsome in this movie playing the Joker role and it is a shame he is getting recognized until now but then again i didn’t really notcie anyother breakthrough performances before this one. I didn’t really fancy brokeback mountain!


    personally I think he should have got one for brokeback…i think he played that role v convincingly. He was great as the Joker but i duno if it was oscar material…I think he was underrated as an actor he had a good range and prob would have got better and better over time. Was gutted that mickey rourke missed out, thought he was brilliant in the wrestler…


    yes i was glad atleat that sean penn gave a shout out to mickey rourke!!


    think he should’ve got it, but can see how people and other actors are perhaps saying it’s coz he died so tragically…but he did play the role good and think deserved it……


    have to admit i only saw dark knight the other day and to be honest i didn’t really think much of it – yeah it was good but no better than any of the other batman movies – i prefered Jack nicholsan as the joker (was him that played it in a previous film wasn’t it)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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