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    hi all ,

    thinking of making a trip up north for Xmas shopping as in Toys etc..
    anyone think it would be worth it.

    also food shopping too :)

    Newry or Enniskillen.


    My aunt was just up a few weeks ago and said its not great this year….she said she did not really think it was worth it, she had to pay for parking, the sterling is strong against the euro and since many prices have come down here, theres not much of a saving by the time you factor in petrol etc.

    Its nice for a day out but not as many savings as there used to be it seems.


    Can only give 1 very sad and small little example, but…

    Have ds on a (largely and if not gonna cause a melt-down when he sees so else getting something different to him) gluten free diet. He devours these Tru (?) biscuits I can get in Holland and Barret , poss Tesco, maybe Dunnes down here. Last time I bought them they were three and half euro here ( about 1 month ago). Last week they were £1 in ASDA Coleraine.

    I will be doing my Xmas shopping up there as per, BUT largely cos I’m there (in Coleraine) every Friday til 10th Dec so makes sense as have done journey anyway.

    Just thinking, also bought big tins Roses, QS up there in Sept – £5 each. But then I saw somewhere here recently 2 for 14euro so might not be so much in it.

    As I am there and have £ anyway, makes sense for me…


    I got my tins of sweets on the BOGOF offer but super valu are doing them for 6.50 PER TIN!!! brilliant offer…

    I still think the drink offers up North cant be beaten…. i want to buy stuff in ELC and the difference isnt huge to be honest, when i factor into the cost, petrol, food/lunch for the kids etc plus my time…. dont find it worth it, if i was having a party over the xmas i might go up for drink if not im stickng to Aldi and the local butchers


    A lot of stuff is similar price and unless its something expensive its not worth the trip I think…..def dont go up now like I used to.


    I think it depends. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been in Newry but overall I don’t think it’s worth it at the moment. The last day I was there I did my grogery shopping in Sainsbury’s and bought fruit purees for my LO, they were about £1.70 / £1.80 in Sainsbury’s for a 4 pack – the same product in Tesco’s down here is about €3.70!! 😯 Needless to say I bought about 10 boxes 😆 Having said that the same day I bought a jumper in A-Wear using the credit card, turns out that it cost about €3 more than it would if I’d picked it up in Scotch Hall 🙁


    I don’t go up as much now either. But when I was going up and down to my course in Belfast Heather, I did the same thing, made sense when you were there because you were using the Petrol anyway.

    If I were going, I’d bypass Newry and head straight for Lisburn, massive Sainsbury’s about twice the size of Newry and Gi-normous Marks & Sparks across the roundabout… and I found something else very interesting.

    If any of you ever buy from Lakeland Plastics, its basically Aladin’s Cave for anyone who cooks/lives in a house. Anyway I’ve been buying stuff over the internet for years and now they’ve opened a big shop just off the A55 going into Belfast. I found out a month ago and been down twice…. such is the lure! Their postage charge was always quite expensive but the new shop has gotten rid of that.


    I don’t go up to Newry as much as I used to, but if I need to stock up the freezer, I do as Iceland are very cheap for all their stuff.
    Definitely the big things is worth going up for and if you compare Argos prices, the North is usually much cheaper.

    Another thing, had a laugh when the Drogheda Independent had articles saying we had to shop local etc… and then you see an ad in in for the Quays in Newry and for Jack and Jones doing € for £… bit hypocritical!


    Yeah I think that it – if u going 4 big things, and u know exactly what u gettin and have researched it, it worth it to go up north. I gotta buy 2 itouches this xmas and there is no way I am paying over the odds for it down here when I can save myself £50 or £60 over the 2 of them buying them here. Having said that, also gotta buy 2 bikes and just got 2 lovely 1s on order from Quay Cycles – 228 euro for the both of them – prob am paying the odds even so, but a little, not a lot I think, and worth it for the convenience of bulky items like that being able to be left in a local shop to the very last minute.

    Will defo go north for the Xmas shopping, but with a list to maximise best value, as think that the way you optimise what ur money buys u these days, rather than perhaps times in the past where EVERYTHING was a bargain…


    was there today, we got a load, but best to know what you are looking for versus what the price of things are here, to be honest i found sainsbury’s have put up their prices upon some things, but you can get a good price on most, as regards toys etc, there seems to be roughly the same price compared to a few years ago, think many shops that have uk shops ie argos and the like are putting prices to match as to get the business here…

    be careful what you buy and what the exchange rate is but there are good offers IF you know what you are looking for


    I am looking at a dolls house in Asda for santa. and its fab , only thing is you have to order it and go up then..’s-House—P … lt,pd.html
    was thinking of doing that and then doing a shop , would be a waste to drive up just for a dolls house.


    Almae if u wanna order it to Coleraine Asda, I will pick it up for u – the best Fri for mr to do this would be Fri 12th November 😀


    ah that would be brilliant…there seems to be a 4 day lead time so I will order it on the Monday… You sure your not going out of ur way ?


    No, have to pass it to get to and from university – no prob. Actually, me and dh on a swanky week long spa break at (so we will be lowering the tone big time!) that week. It is not far from Coleraine so dh will be cooling his heels there waiting for me to finish so will be good for him to have some shopping to do to occupy his time!

    Is it a big affair?

    Maybe order it a few days before the Mon if they will keep hold of it a few days – would hate him to get there and they say it not here today, fetch it tomorrow…


    hjs just looked at Coleraine , its miles from where u will be going , it seems to far out. unless the map is wrong that i am looking at ..No:1 is Coleraine ???

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