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    We are all set for Sunday’s All Things Baby Fair in the Citynorth! At 12.40 we will be giving a talk on protecting your family and also introducing you to a brilliant scheme called ‘Best Doctors’.
    In a nut shell, Best Doctors is available to anybody who takes out a protection policy (ie. Life, mortgage and salary protection, etc )with Aviva (their protection policies start at about €20 per month).
    With the scheme you can avail of a second medical opinion from a pool of 50,000 leading medical experts around the world, as chosen by their peers.

    As nearly 18% of all paediatric cases referred to Best Doctors results in a change in diagnoses & 41% a change in treatment, this is an amazing service to have. Currently it is only available in Ireland through Aviva. It costs nothing extra when you take out your protection policy with them.
    You can find out more at
    Pay special attention to the case studies at the bottom of the page.

    See you Sunday!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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