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    we were just in north on mini break and did all shopping for next few weeks and a loada xmas gear on way back in tesco banbridge – yes is 15 min further up rd than newry js but with new rd where u can completely bypass newry as opposed to q ing down the hill or even if like me u no the short cut back rds down to js and buttercrane, still think dep on time of day u could get to to tesco banbridge maybe even actually QUICKER than if u goin into Newry.

    Well worth it if u gettin a trolleyfull, Xmas stuff or non-edibles


    Hello Gals and Guys,
    Early post for you Saturday morning took a trip to Tesco’s in Donore on Thursday swore I will go there again for bits and bobs as the staff are not very helpful and the prices are mad.
    Yesterday went to Sainsbury’s Newry the price difference is incredible.
    Shopping in Sainsbury’s came to £229:00 came home done price check on Tesco website and it came to over 400:00 euro which in my books is unbelieveable.
    Now I picked up alot stuff for christmas which would not of been in my Shopping in Tesco’s an in some cases it was tripple the price.
    Example of the offers
    They had 12 cans of coke Coca Cola for £2:29 Tesco’s 6:89
    2 Litre Minerals 75p Tesco’s 1:95
    Finish Dish Washer Tabs £4:99 Tesco’s 12:99
    Kleenex plus Tissues twin pack £ 2:00 Tesco’s 5:39
    Baby formula Cow & Gate £7:26 Tesco’s 9:39

    These are just some of the price differences and the staff are lovely in Sainsbury’s so helpful will help you with packing your shopping.
    Have a great day all


    asda is supposed to be the place to go, hope to go there soon


    thats some difference alright…I think Tesco getting dear again on lots of things, I’ve started going to Dunnes sometimes now. Which Sainsbury’s did you go to?


    I live on the border and I find its a hit and miss kinda thing…. it is definately worth going up north for alcohol and toilteries and cleaning products the price difference is hugh!

    Although the sterling has not been great in the last few months and I find the groceries are about the same north a nd south If you know the prices in the south you can judge best whats good value…sainsbury’s usually give a horrendous rate for euro and you really can get stung if your goingt o pay at the till in euro….be warned…check the rate before you can be as much as 10p in the difference to the daily bank rate!Asda is definately the best and there is one in kilkeel just past newry but its not a super store …its worth going to belfast to the super store (whoch also sells great value childrens clothing) we went last month and bought everything except fresh meat and veg the total shop came to about 3oo euro and we are still getting through the shop!


    Thanks for the feedback all,I went to Sainsbury’s in Newry and yes it is good to go to Belfast if you have the time but too be honest I find Sainsbury’s fantastic and the staff are so helpful and also If you have children Clarkes is whole lot cheaper too well worth a visit.
    I have a 16mth old daughter and Sainsbury’s is far enough for me too travel and there certainly is a big diffference in price.

    Missy Moo

    I go to Sainsburys every couple of weeks to stock up and was up last Tuesday.

    I’ve just checked my bank statement and my laser transaction came through as €374.10

    I’ve done a comparison shop on Tesco’s website and the same list has come in at €500.39

    That’s a saving of €126.29 😯 😀

    I’ve heard that if I go an extra 10-15 minutes up the road, Tesco in Banbridge is cheaper than sainsburys


    I forgot to check last week on the price of the plug- in-refills (glade or airwick) they are nearly 9 euro down here
    Did get coke, dh drinks cans of coke, might be worth another trip up before xmas

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