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    HEINZ BABY SAUCES POUCH – 77p or 88cent
    GO AHEAD SLICES CHOCLATE, ORANGE half price – 64p or 74cent
    FILO PRAWNS FROZEN – £2 or €2.30
    4PK JOHNSON BABY WIPES – £5 or €5.76
    COW AND GATE BABY FOLLOW ON MILK – £6.99 or €8.05

    Just a few things I picked up in Sainsbury Newry this morning. How could you not at the prices!!!!!!

    I always tried to buy local and to support local and national economy in Ireland. But lately its just too much of a difference to ignore, the big one being baby food that is well over €3 a tub more to buy in south of Ireland and I use more than 1 a week. A bottle of blossom hill wine is just £3.99 or €4.59 too!

    How can I not drive 45mins up the road to get so much better value. Its okay for government officals to be so supportive and encourage people not to go north to shop and to keep the money in our own economy. But what about the ordinary family trying to make ends meet and still have a bit left over. Do they really think people will just be ‘nice’ about it and ignore the real difference in prices. In an ideal world we would love to keep supporting our own economy and protect jobs but how can we afford to?



    I know it is wonderful to get a bargain ,but my dh works in the distrubtion of foodstuffs in Ireland – Northern Shopping in our house is known as Orange Shopping.

    I could not support the Northern Shopping – if my dh was out of a job down here we wouldn’t get anything.. from Social Welfare..

    Since the new Tesco has opened i have went no where else – Tesco brands are brought – even the Tesco white wine is nice…

    What happens if all the shops close down here – will people have the money to shop up North then???

    I heard about a man who signed on on Monday – Wife in job / Baby on the way / Big Mortage…. Man was made redudatant b4 Christmas all he will get is €35:50 a week..

    It is terrible….


    I shop in Newry now, like you said, how can you not? The prices are so much cheaper on a wide range of products… I think its terrible that the prices are still so high here, so who can blame us for travelling to get better value for our money.
    If they want us to support local traders, they should do something about it.


    I went to the new Tesco, to try it out, just before Christmas and the little bit of shopping at the bottom of my trolley cost me over €150.

    Went to Newry on Sunday last and fill my trolley to the brim and it cost €146. That included 4 bags of bakers dog food which had a special price of £2.49, same bag here cost me €9.99 the week before.

    I would love to be able to afford to shop local but find it very hard to knowing I can get it much cheaper a few miles up the motorway.


    I do think there is great value in Newry. Myself and my boyfriend would go up every 2 weeks in the lead up to xmas and always got great bargains!

    However, we went up last Friday and we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. With a 14 month old in the back! When we got there the shelves were practically empty. We normally stock up on all the baby items as there so much cheaper up north but unfortunataly it was a wasted journey! We were still happy with what we got though and only spent £100. I’d definately go up again but maybe not until the hype dies down!!!


    Sorry Libby but have to disagree with you. I never went shopping up in Newry for exactly same reasons you said. But we are now in the situation where he has lost his job and social welfare money only goes so far……so I have to use it wisely. Its great if you can ‘afford’ to hold onto your principles, I did it for years, but now I feel if this government is blindly ignoring what is happening to our economy and people out of work why should my family suffer on the double. Bad enough to loose a job but to hold onto my ‘principles’ and spend more money shopping here when I know I can do so much better 45mins up the road. I don’t like what I’m doing, I think it wrong to have to use this option, but at the end of the day I only have so much money. Do you really believe the ‘top’ guys spend so carefully and buy Irish etc. I doubt it. I think they haven’t a clue what its like to live on lower incomes and they still go out for their meals, fine wines etc. wheras people like us are only glad to get nice food to cook in on a Friday night at a reasonable price or a bottle of Blossom Hill for £3.99.

    And surely everyone is entitled to Social Welfare help based on their contributions when they were working…..if not there is a means tested help too..!!!!



    Hi Ladies,

    I have to agree with the shopping in Newry. It does however depend on what you are buying. I think that you will find that the so called local shops that you are supporting are actually the same English shops and they think that they can rip us off by charging more for the same things.

    I went to Newry to kit out my nursery for baby due in March. I had already bought a pram online from the UK several months ago(even before the exchange rates changed so much) and it cost over 100 euro less to buy and have shipped. I made a list of things that I wanted from Mothercare and compared both the UK and the Irish websites – cost 296euro to buy in Ireland or 186 to travel across the border. As it turns out – Mothercare did not have two of the large and most expensive items on my list but I went to Bumps and Babies and got them even cheaper.

    I don’t do my food shopping in the North -way too much hassle to drag my 2 year old out for the day. I normally shop Dunnes – which I think has got extremely expensive in the last year – typical weekly shop has gone up nearly 60euro. I did go into Tesco for something before Christmas, I always check the price on nappies. Tesco were doing 25% off on toys, games, etc but I noticed that the pack of nappies had gone up 3euro on the same weekend and that After Eights icecream was 5euro and selling in Dunnes for 2.50.

    I really think that every time the supermarkets in Ireland put on a deal, the up the prices on the staples that we all need to buy.

    Anyway, going on Maternity in six weeks and the top of my list for things to cut back on is the food shopping bill. i think we need to be price aware – when the price on a particular product shoots up – we don’t buy it. When there are deals going on items that we use, we buy in bulk – assuming these are products that will last!


    It is much cheaper in Sainsburys for your supermarket shop. If you are going Sprucefield is the place to go. The Sainsbury there is much bigger. I recently bought new pots up north in Argos at €25 cheaper than the Argos down here. But do watch out if you go to the likes of Debenhams and want to pay in Euro you may get stung as they have both prices and will charge you the euro price with no saving.


    Everyones circumstances are different. Alot has changed for us since dh got sick…

    There has been cut backs

    Great news he goes back to work early feb ….Thank God


    I am sorry to say this but it is way cheaper to shop up North, now I know it is not good for the economy but when you can pile your trolley sky high for around £150 compared to god knows what in SuperValue what you going to do????????

    I went up to Tesco in Banbridge the other day and got 3 weeks shopping for the price I would spend on 1.

    Also Aldi has gotten dearer lately I am convinced, last time I was in there I spend 80 euro – got home and had hardly anything????

    Loads more choice in the Supermarkets up North too- they are all crap here in the South.

    Would not go near Sainsburys in Newry though it has turned in to scum central these days.

    Bought D Nintendo ds up there to for £99.

    I am sure that the retail giants down here could give comparable prices- if they wanted to.

    Feck Supervalu and Dunnes they ripped us off for way too long and they know it


    We’ve just been ourselves to buy a car seat for DS, which we priced up down here for €199 at Halfords (on sale down from €250), same price from Mothercare. We bought it in Mothercare Newry this morning for £95 (on sale, full price £145)!!!!! How can you argue with that?? The honest answer is that we just can’t afford to.


    Exactly …surely even with differences in rates/ wages / cost of living and whatever other excuse they give for ripping us off- there should not be that much of a difference in price 😯

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girsl. i did my shopping up there on Friday last, no traffic, got parked straight away, i was there for 11.15. good crowd bu tgot everything i needed. It is no question that we are being robbed plain and simple. put what ever label of tax, higher living costs .. etc, how , for example can anyone justify a packet of Huggies Pull ups(potty training) at 3.50, when only last wk they cost me 7.69 in Tesco’s!!!!!!!!!!!! i shopped in Sainsburys and will continue to do sho until the goverment put some better plan inot action to reduce the job loss, etc.. Our counrty has forced us into this and everyone must get by best as possible.! Shopping here out of some kind misplaced National Loyalty in my opinion is cutting your nose off to spite your face so to speak! would any sane person stand outside their home and invite robbers in, it boils down to the same thing! England have realised that to reduce the taxes on food and such products in the long termcan improve their country and if welcoming us to it then why should we wait for our slow and lets be honest rather backward goverment to take a lead!!
    After all their the ones telling us to make cut backs and economise!!
    I left Sainsburys and got all my frozen bits in Iceland, well worth it, 54sterling!!!!!!!Again a small example of price diff.. Birds eye Chiciken 2 piece here is 3.69.
    A bag of 6 pieces was only 3 pound!!!!!!!!!!
    How can any of that be justified!. 🙄 :)BTW thats great new Libby1 on your Hubby’s say its a relief for you. thank god


    Have to say too the service up in the North is a million miles better than here.

    The checkout assistants are much friendlier.

    Here is an example up in Banbridge at the weekend—-

    * The cashier saw that one of the oranges in my net was bruised and she sent some one to get a new net.

    * When she saw my trolley was getting too full of packed bags she offered to get some one to get another….

    *I had to run out to use the cash point as my laser was not working and there were no rolling eyes etc ..just pleasantness…
    AND when I returned from the cash point she had transferred all my bags in to a bigger trolley and packed up the remainder of my groceries. 😀


    I have never had that service in any super market down here


    Newry all the way!
    My son can only use huggies wipes and i paid 14euro for 2xdouble pks (4pks in total ) of baby wipes in tesco on sunday.

    today in newry i got 12 packs for £11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re right, the staff have always been nice,better trained, get your bags packed and act like they actually want to help you. I would like to support local business but they will have to make serious improvements even aside from price to compete with sainsbury.

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