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    Hi all,

    I bought a pair of boots in Shoe Rack in Drogheda a few weeks ago.

    Yesterday the small piece of fabric lining that runs up along side the zip got caught in the zip and made it stuck so that I could not pull them up or down and as I tried to unstick it, the zip broke.

    I brought them back today, to exchange them for another pair and the girls asked me for my receipt. I explained that I cannot find the receipt but I told them I do not want a refund, I want the boot either fixed or replaced so I should not need a receipt for that.

    They said I need a receipt and I explained again, that because the product is faulty I should be entitled to replacement or repair, with or without a receipt. (I thought that was my consumers right?) They said no, without a receipt I have no rights at all.

    The girl even suggested it was my fault that the lining got caught in the zip and therefore the responsibility for them breaking lies with me but as I explained to her, I have been wearing boots for many years and have not come across this problem before so its more likely its a faulty boot – rather than my lack of training in how to put on and take off boots!!

    I asked to speak to a manager but she is off all week so they took the boots and my name & number and said they will speak to her when she’s back next Tuesday and will let me know.

    But the indication is that I am not getting a replacement or repair and I wanted to know if I have the right to demand them to be fixed or replaced because they are faulty?

    Any advice welcome!


    Did you pay with cash or credit/debit card? If you paid by card a statement should be acceptable proof of purchase.
    Normally if both parties can’t agree it goes to the small claims court, but my experience is if you keep pursuing this with them they will repair or replace it.

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    Hi Sabbi, the proof of purchase requirement is to show a) that you did actually buy them in that store and b) when they were actually bought. I saw some of the responses on the facebook post, I don’t know where some people got the "if it’s faulty you don’t need a receipt" from, sounds like a chinese whisper that lost some details. If they are faulty, the shop still needs to establish that they are not 2 years old and that you did not buy them from another store. I would speak to the manager and point out if it is a case that they are the only ones who sell them and if the particular style has only been out for weeks/months then it is fairly safe to assume that you bought them there recently and appeal to their sense of customer service to show some good faith. The main lesson is to open a file at home and start keeping receipts, writing on the back of them what was purchased if it is not obvious.


    I usually do keep receipts for things, I must have thrown it out by mistake and I could kick myself for that. I often buy shoes in this shop and its very annoying that they were so quick to try to blame me for the fault in the boot when I am good customer.

    I mean, honestly, how could I not know the correct way to zip up a boot? Its ludicrous to suggest I did it wrong and caused the zip to get stuck!

    The style of boot is still actually on sale in the shop, I saw them there yesterday so there is not quibble about that aspect of it.

    We’ll see what happens when the manger calls me next week – maybe she will be nicer about it and will have them repaired for me.


    I understand about needing a receipt.. however I feel that good customer service should at least try and sort a repair for the boots.

    If you only bought them recently, they should know that it was in their current stock.

    I do think Customer Services leaves alot to be desired these days in alot of places.

    I’m good at keeping receipts, but wouldn’t keep receipts for clothing or shoes..


    I’ll be keeping receipts for shoes from now on!! I always keep clothes receipts incase of rips or zips breaking, I just didn’t expect it to happen to my new boots! 🙁


    They never called, will chase it up tomorrow! Bad customer service all the way that they never even called me back!


    Hooray – spoke with the manager who was very nice and she said that because they are their own brand of Shoe Rack boots and they know I bought them in Shoe Rack, as they are faulty they will replace them for me at no cost.

    So I get to pick up a new pair this week, no fuss.

    I don’t know why they couldn’t have just done that last week inthe first place!!

    Happy now. 🙂


    ah that’s good Sabbi glad it’s sorted for you


    Thats great Sabbi!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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