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    I’m thinking of having shellac done on my nails as it does not chip. Now I have nice strong nails, none broken (very rare), so it’s time to do it, but will my nails be stronger or weaker after?
    I’ll do it just once, don’t want to have to commit to an extra expense on a monthly basis.
    I had acrylic twice and my nails were in bits after. Looked great while on, but when few nails fell less than a week after, it looked horrible for so long.

    My nails really look great at the moment (I show them to everyone, so proud of it) just don’t want the hassle of redoing my nail polish every week.
    All advices welcome.



    A friend of mine got Shellac done in September, she has stunning nails… or should i say had!!
    Her nails never break and very strong, she had the Shellac on for about 2 weeks maybe longer, after getting the Shellac off her nails were all flaking and broken, they just looked like fish scales they way they were cracking and breaking away… she was gutted and has spent the last few months getting them back in shape.

    Saying that i have a friend who is an Ambassador for Shellac and she swears by it… so i dont know! Why not talk to the beauty expert on here


    Maybe your friend who swore by it as always shellac on? Nails look FAB really when it’s on. That’s why I want it. But I know me, I won’t maintain it.

    I also heard that is not great for the nails after it’s off, but not sure.
    I’m tempted thou.
    Have to decide before I break a nail (quite common).

    The experts section here are on skincare. Can’t see the beauty salon ad, it must have been temporary.

    Hope to get more info.



    Hi there,

    Is the Shellac the three week nail varnish? If so, it looks great and does last. It also does not chip if you cut your nails. I have it on at the moment – the only issue I have is that my nails have grown a lot in three weeks. Apparently, nail varnish with acetone takes it off but I have tried that and it does not work. I also went back to the salon – they said drop in anytime but that turns out to be anytime with a appointment. Anyhow, stuck with it now for a few days – though I might have try putting on something to cover the vase.


    yes the cheap nail polish remover from the pound shop should remove it…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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