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    Hi, I was wondering has anyone ever been to the coolock clinic?.My doctor doesnt know what its like & I was just thinking instead of having to trek into the rotunda,it would be handy as its less of a commute for me.

    I am going for my 12 week scan on thursday (very excited about it) & I think i need to let the hospital know what care i want to go with then,so if anyone could advise me it would be great.

    thanks in advance, Brenda


    Is it the clinic in Darndale? If so I work beside there but haven’t been myself. Have heard good reports from the people I work with, some of them have been there and had no problems and said wait times are shorter. If you are not from that area though it can be a bit rough around the clinic.


    Heard good reports about the clinics, friend of my sisters went there and said wait times much better than the hospital. Sounds like a good idea…sure you might as well go along and check it out and if at any stage you are not happy, then you can transfer back to the hospital.

    Good luck with your scan, we had our 28 week scan this week and got to see baby up close and doing all sorts of things like yawning, eating its hands & feet and closing & opening its eyes. its so amazing!


    Hey,im not sure if its in Darndale, it just says Coolock clinic, I guess ill find out where it is at the rotunda on thursday.

    your scan sounds amazing,I cant imagine seeing all that yawning and everything.

    Will I be able to see much at the 12 week scan?

    its my first pregnancy & im 35 so im apprehensive about the hospital visit in case they say that something is wrong, hopefully they will put my mind at rest.

    I dont really know if I should get the tests for downs syndrome etc…as im not sure what i would do with the information….any advice?….



    congrats on your pregnancy!!! i got the nuchal fold test done on my 2nd pregnancy… its a personal decision but i knew i would not rest unless i got it done and altho it was a bit stressful waiting on the result we were lucky to get good news and i could relax and enjoy my pregnancy a bit more, i went to in smithfield, charter medical centre and the spent over an hour at each appointment, i went for 6 scans altogether with them and they were amazing!! the 3d scan was fab, my dvd is 60 mins long and u see the baby drinking, peeing and hiccuping!

    good luck with your growing baby and whatever you decide…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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