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    A Mayo man, who has been charged with some heinous crimes against children and was found to have over 135,000 pages of child porn on his computer, has had his sentencing postponed in court today so they can ‘evaluate him psychologically’. Should they not just lock him up and throw away the key? Or maybe let one of the dads of the children he abused into a locked room with him for 10 minutes to sort him out?

    In my opinion, Sex offenders get off way too lightly in this country – this man had a previous conviction for having sex with a minor back in the 70’s but since then, he has been up to all sorts of hideous crimes against children and has not been caught up with until now.

    He was found to have one of the largest child porn stashes ever found by Gardai and has basically been free to do horrid things ever since he was first charged back in the 70’s – so I am wondering, why was he not supervised when he was let out after that conviction?

    He had been trying to get a mother & daughter to be his sex slaves and they have evidence of this. How can someone get away with this kind of behaviour in this day and age?

    Can our children ever be safe? Its so worrying. My children know about ‘stranger danger’ but what if itwas someone they ‘kind of know’ – maybe someone who lives nearby or works at a club they go to – was a threat to them? How do we protect them against evil when they might know the person and think they are safe?

    Somedays I wonder about people in our society and the things they do and I feel like keeping my children indoors forever. … 71946.html


    police in this country just don’t care…if it was america they’d get life straight away if convicted of crimes against children
    i’ve known a few cases of the police just questioning the abuser and then letting them off with a warning thats like saying don’t press a button to a child they’ll just go ahead and do it anyway…its a joke in this country how they treat criminals….people who don’t pay fines are given harsher sentences which is ridiculous


    Its so hard to try and protect our children in this scary world – as my children get older and want more freedom and ask to head off and play with their friends around the corner or down the road, I worry alot but I know we have to give them some leeway, cannot keep them tied to us at all times. very worrying though.


    mine don’t understand why i keep telling them to stay where i can see them, my eldest heard of little april going missing and she said she hopes she is found ok because she wants to play with her
    i’ve told them that there are bad people who like to hurt kids but they don’t understand why people would want to do that
    it took me a long time to adjust to them going to school because i can’t watch them there
    if i had my way i’d gather up all those monsters, lock them in a room and blow it up


    No i dont think they change, i think a bullet in the head would be too good for someone like this, chemical castration should be a standard issue with sex offenders

    I wonder how single women can take men into their homes, i know a guy who is a real creep, he always used to try feel us up as teenages, he wasnt that much older then us, she is in his 40’s now and i see on his facebook page he is always picking up young mothers with young kids!! It always makes me wonder about him


    Joeyrudd- that is a ridiculous thing to say- the police (as you call them) – gardai, do not have a say in what happens these people- but they do lots of work investigating what these people do and it gets taken out of there hands after that- and No I don’t think these people change- as an answer to the original question


    Joeyrudd- that is a ridiculous thing to say- the police (as you callthem) – gardai, do not have a say in what happens these people- but they do lots of work investigating what these people do and it gets taken out of there hands after that- and No I don’t think these people change- as an answer to the original question

    just going by what i witnessed……my opinion too…just an opinion


    opinion is fine, but you can’t blame the Gardai for notdoing their jobs- they complete all the investigation and then the dpp has to decide if they are going to allow it go to court- so once the gardai have handed over all the paperwork it is totally out of their hands…… and as for you witnessing, if the gardai did not do their job to the standards you expect there is always the complaint procedure that can be followed…..


    When we hear of crimes committed in the past many people forget that people are tried under the laws’ that were in place at the time the crime was committed.

    Criminal Law (Rape) Act 1981 reads very differently to the Criminal Law (Rape) (Amendment) Act 1990. But a crime committed before 1990 cannot be tried under the 1990 act. This means that what we regard as ‘rape’ today may not be regarded as ‘rape’ in a court of law due to when it happened. If the crime was committed for eg. after 1990 then laws changed and crimes that were regarded as ‘lesser’ crimes pre 1990 are now regarded for the serious crimes they actually are.

    Very frustrating. And so many of the stories that we do hear are of crimes that were committed many many years ago. … index.html … index.html


    I think an added problem is the judiciary and inconsistent sentences which sometimes appear to be lenient


    I do think alot of things were swept under the carpet, I heard a story of a woman who’s father was abusing the whole family, a family member went to the police and the local Garda "had a little chat with the father" It wasnt even recorded as an offical complaint.

    Did anyone see the report in the news "Limerick sex dog abuse case!" Im still sick after reading it…. i will post up on here


    I would definately have to blame the judges as opposed to the Gardai. There was a case last year where a man got years in prison for not paying the customs on garlic that he imported – by the time it got to court he had paid up but still got years. The same Judge recently sentenced a man to 18months for raping his two nieces. I would like a chat with that Judge!!!

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