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    Well girls, its nearly here, the SATC movie opens on May 28th.

    Hoping to get dressed up and head along to one of the glam events with some girls!! Very exciting to get dressed up in dress & heels and have a cocktail at the cinema. Makes a change from jeans & popcorn!!!

    Is anyone doing anything special for it, there seem to be lots of cocktail viewings all over the country….


    Where are you going for that? sounds fun.
    One of the mammys at the Marshes Meet up on Tuesday told me that the cinema in Dundalk does a mums morning every second week. Mammy and 1 child I think for 6 euro. There is probably more details on their website.


    There’s loads of SATC events happening,I read about one in Dublin where you dress up, have champagne, goodie bags, prizes and of course the movie. That sounds like fun.

    Think I’ll go to something like that with a gang of girls, its an excuse to dress up and have a glam night out. Making an event of it and having some cocktails after.

    I’ll get more details about that and post them asap!


    Oh I’d love something like that as well, went to the last one with himself…. but its not the same, lol…. you need someone to talk shoes, clothes with!


    Last one I went to with my sis and some friends. I brought a big bag and stuck 2 quarter bottles of wine and 2 wine glasses in. Went down very well as we were kicking back enjoying the movie. 😆 😆

    Style Fish

    What better excuse to get together with a group of friends – fashion, cocktails and plenty of laughter! So many of the shops on the high street are jumping on the SATC bandwagon with shops like LK Bennet doing SATC inspired shoes, Debenhams which have a sale this week also to get you all set for the big event! So let SATC be your opportuinty to do a ‘Carrie’ on it and think completely outside the box, wear something you would not normally wear, accessorize like you have never accessorized before & have fun with your look!! Fashion is not about rules, it’s about options! And if SATC brings us enything it is that fashion is about having fun and not being afraid to mix it up!(and also about the gorgeous Aidan!).

    Style Fish x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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