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    My in laws bought me a sewing machine as an early Christmas present as I had said I wanted to make DS a wizard’s cape. I have never had a sewing machine before but really starting to get the bug now!! Trouble is they brought me a bundle of fabric for that project and I have bought a couple of bits off ebay but I don’t know where to get fabric etc round here – any ideas??

    I am also getting back into knitting and again only bought wool/needles online so far – any good places for these things locally??

    I have a whole list of projects I want to get started on but just need the fabric/wool to do them with!!

    I live in the Drogheda area.

    Thanks girls. xx


    I think knitters and glitters on West st do supplies like this, they are up at the Abbey centre (I think!)

    Good luck!


    ok i know where you need to go regards getting into knitting sewing and the like….before you think OMG what is she suggesting, trust me my mil goes and she has had invaluable advice and information from these women and they welcome all ages and bailities

    THE ICA (Irish country women association) the run different classes and meet ups from what my mil says she said they do loads, was considering heading myself, as she wanted to learn to quilt and went there just for that, now she’s going and learning cross stitch and croche(sp)….but has said that the women are a fountrain of knowlegde there is one in drogheda not sure where but if you to to ICA website you will get details….i think it’s up behind the scholars townhouse…


    Thanks ladies!

    Oooh Knitters and Glitters sounds lovely from the name – so excited to visit now! Think I will have to head down tomorrow!! And thanks also for the note about the ICA that could be a really great idea. I would love to learn to crochet (I have a gorgeous little hat in mind for my little niece who is on her way in March!!). 🙂

    Crikey I didn’t do anything like this (apart from a few pairs of booties and a stupidly large hat for the 2 year old that actually fitted his father which i knitted while pg last year) and now I am seriously hooked!!!! Might save me some money when it comes to gifts though!! :wink:



    Hi louise789,

    I know this is a really late post, but if you’re still into your knitting, you can get great beautiful knitting and crochet supplies in Breda’s Wool Shop, which is just at the start of Narrow West Street, in a little alley beside Gleeson’s pub.
    Breda also runs knitting and crochet classes, although I have forgotten which nights she does it. Very reasonable too at only 5 euro per class.

    Hope this helps.

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