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    Hi I need help. I’ve just bought a 1/4 size violin for my 7 yr old DD for Christmas. Got it over from the UK but it needs to be set up (bridge put in place, tuned and bow primed) so that Santa can deliver it ready to be played. Does anyone know where I can get this done. Talked to Sound Shop but they weren’t too keen because it wasn’t bought there…but will do it in a push. All responses gratefully received!

    Thanks, Sus


    Hi Sus, just an idea – do you have someone that will be giving lessons – they would probably know how to setit up?


    Thanks for that Yvonne. She hasn’t started lessons yet but is on a list at Boyne School of Music for January. Guess I could give them a ring about it.


    you could try the little music shop over on georges street beside dominics chipper.


    Here is a list of other music schools … … rent_id=27

    I also heard there is a very good (and much cheaper) music store in Blackrock … the one near Dundalk. The shop is along the seaside road.

    Hope this helps.


    yeah its beside danny hughes shop, thats where my dad buys all his guitars and stuff, the lads are very good in there, they would defo do it for you!!! if you dont want to travel that far, go back up to the sound shop and ask them again, god it only take s afew mins to do it, how petty of them not to do it for you.


    Did you try the sound shop out by TK Maxx/DID/Homebase?


    Hi girls,
    Thank you so much for all your replies, I never thought I’d get so many really helpful ones! I definitely will check out the place in Blackrock because even though the sound shop said they would do it, I wasn’t impressed with their attitude, and feel reluctant to go there.
    Thanks again and the next time I have a question I will definitely be posting it here!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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