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    ALFAPARF Milano Professional introduces Semi di Lino Sunshine, the new range for sun exposed hair which protects the hair fibre and colour from UV rays, counteracting dryness, and frizz for shiny and silky hair, even in the sun.

    Semi di Lino Sunshine contains Sun Shield, an active ingredient that protects hair from the negative effects of UV rays and creates a protective film around the hair to protect it from the oxidative damage caused by solar radiation. It counteracts protein loss, colour fading and hair dryness so that the hair fibre maintains its natural shine, hydration, and softness.

    Sun Shield is a 100% natural active ingredient derived from cold-extracted Chia seed oil (Salvia Hispanica) which promotes the wellbeing of the hair in the sun.

    The new range has four products:
    After-Sun Low Shampoo – Gently cleanses (250ml RRP €15.75)

    After-Sun Low Shampoo gently cleanses scalp and lengths after sun exposure, removing residues of chlorine, salt, sand and cosmetic products, for shiny, silky and protected hair, even in the sun.

    After-Sun Treatment – Nourishes and detangles (200ml RRP €15.75)

    Restorative treatment for hair stressed by the sun, chlorine, and salt, which nourishes and gives softness to the hair without weighing down.

    Hair Protective Oil – Protects and controls (125ml RRP €19.90)

    Hair Protective Oil creates a barrier around the hair, protecting it from the sun and external factors and preserving its moisture and cosmetic colour. With an anti-dryness action, for shiny, soft, disciplined and protected hair. With UV filters.

    Hair Protective Milk – Protects and hydrates (125ml RRP €19.90)

    Hair Protective Milk fights dryness and controls frizz, protecting the hair from the sun and external factors. With a moisturising action, for shiny, soft and lightweight hair. With UV filter.

    As well as containing Sun Shield, Sunshine also features:

    Urban Defence Pro – Anti-pollution shield for total protection
    Shine Fix Complex – 24 hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends
    Colour Fix Complex – UV Filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of colour
    Climate-Proof – protective barrier, keeping hair hydrated from humidity and temperature change
    Sun Shield – Protects the hair fibre from oxidative damage coupled by solar radiation and promotes scalp wellbeing for shiny and silky hair
    Recycled and recyclable packaging

    Like all Semi di Lino formulas, Sunshine is vegan and free from ingredients of animal origin and derivation.

    Semi di Lino Sunshine is available now from salons and beauty e-tailers.

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