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    Family friends own a small set of 3 star 2 bed holiday cottages on the west coast of Mayo. They are practical & functional, but not very luxurious They are in a fab location, rural area, surrounded by blue flag beaches, plenty of walks & water sports, near Greenway cycle path.

    The cottages are over 20 years old & were top quality when built, but the time has come to give them a facelift / upgrade without breaking the bank. It is very important to my friends that the accommodation they offer is within reach of ordinary families, especially in times like this – but they still have to pay the bills.

    Having just returned from a lovely holiday there, twit that I am :D , I volunteered to do a bit of informal investigation as to what people want & expect in this kind of holiday to help keep my friends on the right track.

    I’m wondering if any of the mumstown crew who use, or might use, this type of accommodation could give some feedback on the kind of things that they would really like to see – & the things that would totally put them off.

    I think these cottages suit a small family (mum, dad & 2-3 kids) down to the ground – but my friends fear that these days young families all want to stay in hotels or go on cheap sun holidays…. Are they right? Do any of you have parents / grandparents who would go on this kind of holiday? Or do they generally prefer the comfort of a hotel?

    Price: They are trying to keep the price in high season well under E500. How does that sound to potential visitors? Naturally, they cost MUCH less in the off season. Would any of you with pre-school children consider such a holiday in spring or autumn?

    The houses have all the Irish tv channels, a microwave, toaster etc, but only an icebox in the fridge. Would any of you consider a small freezer a necessity?

    Is online credit card booking vital? How many of you find your accommodation via Google? (The website def needs an upgrade) Would you prefer to book over the phone / or online?

    At the moment, there is a double bedroom, a single bedroom with another bed underneath that pops up to the same height, & – for occasional use – a pull down bed in the living room. Would any of the mums out there think that putting bunk beds in some of the houses might be a good idea?

    Any strong feelings on upholstery v leather furniture? Carpets v lino? (Thinking along the lines of sand & children with melting 99s…!)

    The cottages have quite large grounds. Would a wee enclosed grass area for small children to play in tempt any of you? What about having some toys available? Or a wee library? Or a box of board games? Would anyone like a set of plastic cups & bowls etc for the kids?

    Would you like the option of bringing your own towels / hiring them there? (At the moment, they are not provided) Would you like the option of dressing your own beds if it would keep the price down?

    They have a communal laundry room with an industrial size washing machine & dryer (coin operated). Is that a deal breaker? Would many of you like plenty of clothes lines available (thinking of keeping costs down)? They are wondering about getting an all weather clothes line (ie one with a roof!) These days, do people travel light & wash as they go, or bring a tonne of clothes & do the laundry when they get home?

    Do any of you go on holiday with another family / cousins / friends etc?

    By the way, if anyone is genuinely interested in a last min holiday, pm me & I’d happily see if I could get a good deal for ye …. (Hope this not infringing on any of the posting rules, Sabbi…)

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