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    Hi Girls,

    This is a great forum, only came across it recently.

    I am booked for a section on Friday & was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me. (DD was section too – breech)

    1. After the section, when you are taken to the recovery room is DH & baby with you / are there many in the room / how long were you there for ?

    2. I have a 3yrs DD & am very worried about leaving her / her being upset when she visits. Would it be best to leave seeing her till the Saturday ?

    3. Are OLOL very strict on visiting times & numbers ?

    Thanks for any info.



    hi i had a section nearly 6 weeks ago they normally give baby to dp while you are being stitched up and are in recovery , they go on back to the ward where you’ll see them when you get back . Visiting times are quite strict in the maternity part , its ok if ur in a private room . I got a pressies in smyths for my other kids from the baby so that when they first saw baby they had a treat hth


    Hello and good luck for friday

    I had a section nearly 3 years ago, dh was given ds but he had to be put into the cot as I was longer then they thought and didnt want baby to get cold.
    Dh and ds were in the recovery room waiting for me, I bf him there and there was only 1 midwife and one poping in and out ( they were just doing paperwork and checking my bp etc) Was only there a half an hour or so maybe less, they didnt rush us as I was feeding ds
    I was pushed to ward and dh walked along with us, dont know who carried ds. It was either dh or the midwife

    Im due in November and my ds will be 3 at the time, I’ve read up a few tips on hospital visits etc..
    1) dont be in pj’s change into a tracksuit or light clothes, you dont want the child to worry that mammy is sick.
    2) Dont be holding the baby and focus your attention on dd (its fine to hold baby but not in the first few minutes or when dd walks in IYKWIM)
    3) After section dont allow kids in to visit until all drips and tubes have been removed.

    I know visiting in OLOL they dont allow anyone in from 1 to 3 (I think) as its lunchtime and time for mums to get a rest, other then that they are fine. I had about 6 or more in on a visit and nothing was said, but ds was only child so dont know about kids visits.
    Give the OLOL a ring and enquire about visiting times and dont worry all will be fine. the gift Idea sounds great


    Hi Girls,

    Thanks for info, great idea about tracksuit, never thought of that.

    I’ve sorted a pressie for DD from babs but never thought about one from her to him. Is is a good idea or needed at all ?

    I rang the hospital on the visiting times & number of people but the girl on the switch didn’t really know how many visitors at a time were allowed & if it was ok to bring in kids.

    Taylor best of luck with PG hope the time fly’s in for you & you are feeling well.

    noeleenw did you find it difficult to manage when you came home after the section having other kids already ? Hope all going well with the new babs.

    Thanks again girls,



    They are some good tips for visiting Taylor, will keep them in mind!

    Bachus, best of luck!!!!

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