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    Help I have to buy a secret santa pressie…for a 20 year old guy at work , maximum is 15 euro ( well feck it a tenner..wouldn’t even spend 15 euro on dh!! :lol: )

    Need to buy before saturday, should have bought something online from a funky web site but kept putting it off now I will have to go to town so ideas plus the shop please :D

    He does drink
    He travels abroad a lot to Africa etc
    He runs marathons

    Help :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Hate buying boys things why oh why couldn’t I have got a girl :roll:


    Hahaha they had willy wigs in debenhams the other day they were HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

    I dunno…….a crate of beer? itunes voucher? a funny t shirt?
    Shaws have a few set things aswell.


    bottle of vodka


    I’m still laughing at the willy wigs!!!!

    Scratch cards, cd, dvd, socks!, phone credit, brain teaser puzzles… a book…


    Well is it suppose to be a funny pressie? Normally secret santas are just a joke.

    If so they have funny boxers in pennys – Ones with things like "Pulling pants" written on them & you could include a packet of condoms -haha

    Also, there is a mens shop in Drogheda town centre, that always does funny t-shirts – i buy them for my younger male cousins. I think they are about a tenner.

    Seeing as he runs marathons, you could buy him a packet of plasters & a tub of vasaline – blokes put them on their nipples to stop friction burns.

    For africa – maybe mosqito repellent.

    If its a secret santa, no one will know its you, so have a laugh with it.

    Please let us know how you get on?


    Take a trip down to Maplin’s at the Retail Park in Dundalk… you’ll get something quirky there for certain.


    sugar I am just back from Dundalk should have looked in Maplins defo..

    Looking for something not so jokey if you know what I mean, I deon’t really know him well enough..people seem to be buying nice things from what I have heard 🙄

    Think the bottle of vodka is prob a good idea, maybe I go to the Offy and find something there


    I went up to TK Maxx this a.m and bought this torch thing with loads of tools attatched its kinda cool, perfect for going to Africa etc etc..can fit in his was 12.99 so happy days!


    WEll done, that sounds perfect -hope he likes it.


    hope so Mary!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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