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    hi all,
    just wondering if anyone knew of any classes in scrapbooking or even card making? have been at this for a little while but would love to meet up with other people to learn new techniques and maybe share ideas and my stash !!!!!
    i did go to a class in julainstown agood while back when i first started out and really enjoyed it,

    look forward to hearing from all my fellow scrappers !!!


    There is a mum on here scrappymammy who runs classes and has her own scrapbooking website


    hi bookwitch, I think it was the same lady who ran the class I went toin julianstown but she seems to only do them in Dublin which is a bit too far for me !!!!

    thanks for the reply anyway, looks like I am just going to have to keep buying magazines for inspiration !!!!


    i would love to learn to do scrapbooking my friend from canada’s sister is fab at doing scrapbooking and did a great one of their wedding, it has inspired me to well start but as of yet haven’t got there, as dunno where to start and want to do a good one….so if there is a class that would be great


    hia, i know a drogheda girl who has done demos for companies and the art stores, she may do classes, i dont know but I’ll ask.


    thanks kate that would be great, i’m in drogheda so if was in the area I would be really interested


    Hi there,

    was just wondering if there was a craft club where people met up,in a local venue, to so their own crafts be that scrapbooking, card, knitting, stitching etc would anyone be interested in this,might be able to get on-line art and craft shop to come up every so often with her shop ? She runs a class like this in kerry,cork and midlands and is very good fun !!!?????


    Have you contacted Sonairte?

    It is an Eco logical Centre on the Laytown road.

    I was there on Saturday & very impressed, they do nature walks, have a farmers market & also have loads of very interesting courses running for 2009 – including card making & other arts & crafts.

    The website seems a little dated but they have a new broucher out listing all their courses which is very interesting.

    They also have a kids nauture club, eco friendly building classes, gardening classes, bee keeping classes & even chicken keeping claases – my dh wants to do the last one but not a chance.

    When my ds is older, i amdefinately bringing him there to teach him how fruit & vegtables grow & dont just come from the shop.



    I’m in the Irish Country Womans Association (ICA) where we do a lot of crafts like knitting, crochet, patchwork, painting and other activities. We meet on a wednesday night at 8pm in the Drogheda Communiity Services Centre in Scarlet Street. We like to learn about other crafts too.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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