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    Hi all out there. I am wondering are there or would there be many kids out there interested if we re-opened the Scout Troop in the den behind Teach Mhuire. This would really be for kids on the Southside of Drogheda but we would never turn a kid away. This troop was also mixed which was great for the girls and families who wanted both their girls and boys in Scouts. Fr. Nulty doesn’t seem to think there is much interest but I don’t agree. I was a Beaver leader there. Also if there are any parents who would be willing to become leaders in any section or helpers please let me know also. Look forward to hearing from you all.


    scouts i was in girl guides it was great fun., it’s sad to see numbers dropping nationwide in scouts, girl guides etc…’s not all dib dib but it teaches kids importnat things in life wether they realise it or not, it’s great for social skills and learning how to survive, ya know what it’s bringing kids back to being kids again instead of sitting infront of playstations all day……

    me for sure will have my son in cubs when he gets old enough, his father was a cub in the uk and continued to be a scout when moved here, he said he had so much fun, so did i going on the camps etc……….when ,my son is old enough i’ll enroll him he’s just a little tooo young at the moment…..

    i hope that you get the support to continue….best of luck



    What ages would it be for? I have my dd down for Ladybirds in Sept but would be interested in finding out more… 😀


    Must have a chat to the boys when they come home from school. I think the guides and scouts are a great thing to be involved with. i was a girl guide for years and even helped out setting up the monasterboice girl guides with Mrs Gerard. i would love my boys to be involved in this.


    Great to hear the interest out there. Beavers start from age 6 I think ( can’t remember for sure but will check it out), then cubs, Scouts and the Ventures. I have always had a wonderful time in my years in Scouts and made such wonderful friends. It teaches a lot about sharing and doing things as a team. It also gets kids OUT OF THE HOUSE – one of the important things these days and ACTIVE. I want to get as much interest as I can so I can go back to Fr. Nulty


    I would definately have at least one interested and possibly dh interested in helping out I think I told you that before

    the interest is out there despite what Fr N might say.


    I too will be signing DS up for beavers as soon as he is old enough, I must start looking now to put his name down……may even be interested in years to come in helping out as a leader……my aunt was a Brown Owl for years in UK and my sis was a Tawny Owl……i never made it past brownies but loved my time as a Brownie!!

    He’s only 2 at mo though, so not old enough for the scouts just yet!!


    We’ve been on the Drogheda Boy Scouts waiting list for over 3+ years!!!



    It is a bit of a drive but we would be committed 200%

    If there is structure/organisation for the children to actually follow the Scouts Code & earn badges – WE WILL BE OVER JOYED!!!!

    Please, keep in contact.





    Where are the beavers in Drogheda and would I have to put ds name down now? He is 2.5


    Oh yes, lets keep this thread going and get the scout troop reopened…….and i would love to become a helper at some stage…….love working with children and especially this sort of thing……

    maybe our 2 DS will go to Beavers 2gether Taylor…….i would also like to put his name down now……


    hi all. any movement on the scout troop yet????????? 🙂

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