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    Have to agree with everyone – its a shame it isn’t on a different day.. Bagel Bar have a great following now and wouldn’t miss it to be honest!

    I do see you do things in the afternoon and would love to avail of the offers- but it means double trip for me – to go home to collect DD from school and drive back in….


    I can see the point most of the ladies on here are making but scotch hall by putting the events in the afternoon you are probably targetting a slightly different audience ie. those with with older kids. I assume most of those who go to the Laurence Centre Bagel Bar event have babies and toddlers. My kids are all older and are at school and montessori in mornings so an afternoon event is much better for me.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is stick with it Scotch Hall because you may not get the same people from Laurence Centre but there is an audience out there for the First Tues Club and I’m sure some of them are on here too.
    Good Luck with it.


    we’re not dissing the whole scotch hall thing, i have a baby and a toddler who is in montessori, i think it’s great there’s something on in the afternoon, but as many said they will not make 2 trips out in one day, i would like to go to scotch hall but then it’s 2 trips, if it were a 2nd tuesday or last tues ir even anyother day i would avail of both laurence’s and scotch hall, and i know many families out there are in similar positions where they have younger and older kids so great events on the same day 2 trips is a bit of a bummer, makes it a hard decision to make, so what many are saying is why not make another day so that families with older and younger kids can avail if wanted either the full morning in scotch hall or the afternoon on another day while still having the option of visiting the other shopping centre on the tues…that’s all…’s kinda common sense…..


    Am I correct in assuming its the first tuesday because thats childrens allowance day( or child benefit as its called now)??


    ah ha….this makes sense lol…totally forgot…lol 😉


    What activities/classes are on in gymboree and for what agesgroups? Also can you give me prices pls – sounds like fun 😀



    Gymboree is 5 euro per hour but tomorrow is 2 childrren for 5 euro for an hour. My 4 and 6 year old love it. They do painting, music, football etc.

    There are specific classes you can book your kids in for but tomorrow afternoon its a bit of everything.

    I’ll be dropping my two in around 3pm


    Was dying to get to the bagel bar for the baby massage, but not to be as my car is going for a retest (nct)…. I think Im going to head to Scotch Hall in the afternoon, if I get a shower in the morning I might go if not… then no I’d stick the place out of it 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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