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    Anyone know if Scoil Oilibheir Naofa, Bettystown is closed? All the other schools in the area are listed as closed bar SON…..Cheers :?


    It will be open, but they said it can change.
    Last news was at 7pm when I called my friend (her kids are going to Scoil Oilibheir Naofa, Bettystown and Scoil An spioraid Niamh.
    Both are open so far….
    But don’t think all kids will attend.



    Merci, Fabienne! Thanks so much for the reply.

    We weren’t sure whether to attempt to go in or not. It’s so silly as there isn’t even a site for parents to check, even just for updates. It’s so last minute!

    Just glad we thought of Mumstown….!

    Bonne soirée 😀


    yes have to agree with antonymartin, my dd goes to scoil oilibhear naofa and it ridculous not been informed either way! I wont be sending my dd back till monday as i just refuse to drive on those roads also not sure if the school grounds have been gritted!!


    Don’t think school is gritted, they don’t even do the roads. But they’ll keep kids inside, when they’ll be hyper and want a snow fight outside.
    And even if some kids can make it (walking to school) some won’t drive just for the sake of a day in school, and the teachers they’re not all living nearby, will they be able to make it?
    Or will they do with staff and kids in the school and try a "mix and match" sorry for expression.

    But some parents will still drop the kids to school to try to go to work.
    At least having the school open even if it’s not for a typical day offers some solution to parents, but I’m glad my kid’s school is closed, so won’t have to ask myself should I send them to school or not.

    Have a nice snowy/icy day.
    I enjoy the snow part…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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