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    thought about this as places are so hard to get for some schools when do you put child’s name down, straight after they are born, when they are a year old or leave it til closer the time?

    amazing enough some people are actually putting their kids names down when they are still inside their mommy…..what do others think of this i think that it’s mental and that parents shouldn’t be allowed to do such things….and the schools allow this too to happen….i’m due my baby in june and he or she will be starting school in sep 2014 i have heard that there is a popular school that has names down already for sep2014 and some of which are babies that aren’t even born….mental….

    then what about secondary school when do you put the child’s name down for that? when they are born or when they start school??? when is too late and when is too early?

    i know a girl in dublin and she went to put her 5 yr old’s name down for secondary school of which she is a local resident and was laughed at, she was told not that it was too early to put name down but in fact that it was too late and she should have put her daughter’sname down when the child was born…..she was told that her daughter is now on a waiting list and would be very lucky to even be offered a place when the time comes in 8 years…mental or what??

    this got me thinking about secondary i know when i was putting my ds name down for school when he was 3months old i enquired regards secondary and was told too early, now the secondary school i would like is having an open day and i am going to see if 2018 is too far off their list to put his name down… will see….

    just wondering what others have thoughts about the above and also if anyone had similar experiences?


    I think this is all MADNESS it really is, putting down names before child is born, is there something wrong with them!!!!!

    Ds is starting a new school in sept and i rang only this year to enquire and its all done through his school that he is in now, when he goes to secondary i think you go up on the open night when its for 5th and 6th class parents, i dont think ill have a prob as its done by if they have brothers in the school and the catchment area and seeing as i only live around the corner from it, im not panicking just now, he still has another 4 years to go before secondary.

    Majority of these schools who take names would they be in dublin by any chance???


    menatl putting kids names down before being born!
    In saying that I have dd’s name for 2 schools – our local national school since she was 3 months and a gaelscoil – the gaelscoil isn’t in our locality and it is first come first served so fingers crossed i have her down early enough for a place. As for secondary school – hadn’t thought about it yet – crikey


    well one of them is a drogheda school a well known one with a secondary school next to it…..

    but some that are prebooked persay are dublin…..


    I agree, I think it is crazy that people feel under pressure to apply for places before their baby is born. If the powers that be had ensured that the builders had built schools as well as houses there would be enough places for everyone. I remember when they first started Grange Rath, the large billboard boasted the close proximity of schools. They did not include that these schools were full to capacity with long waiting lists.

    It is my understanding (correct me if I am wrong) that the Sacred Heart Girls School is the only secondary school that keeps a waiting list. Greenhills (which would be my preference) have open days as do the Grammar School, St. Mary’s Boys, St. Olivers and the boys secondary over near Westcourt Estate, cannot remember its name. So at the moment, secondary should not be a problem.

    Both of my kids are in Le Cheile Educate Together on the Mornington Road. The school/parents are working with the ET school in Aston Village and Dept. of Education to build an Educate Together Secondary School. If this happens in time, we plan to send the kids there.


    No your right cathmc, the sacred heart is the olny school with a waiting list, its one of those, get the childs name down while in tummy job. All therest have open days and like i said first preference is given to siblings of student already there or the catchment area.

    Im defo not worried about secondary at all, like i said i live around the corner and i will go to the open day when he is in 5th class.


    I called both the sacred heart and grammar school recently about this….i felt a bit stupid as my dd is only in senior infants and both schools told me to submit applic forms for consideration and that many kids they had on thier lists were on from the time they were born !! Its a bit scary really that you have to consider stuff like this so early on !! I think if you ring the schools you are interested in they will tell you thier policies….


    yeah spoke to a woman today in the grammer school and said she has babies names down for secondary already so better get my skates on as they work on first come first served basis…


    God thats mad, better get the boys names down as that where I want them to go…..

    You have to put your babys name down in the creche before its born, as most only take 2 or 3 babies under 1 and they get booked up asap

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