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    Just want to give The Children’s Shop in West St. a mention for crested school uniforms.

    Last year we went to the shop our school recommends in Swords and spent stupid money on a crested jumper (21.50) and a crested cardigan (20.50). I wanted to pick up a second jumper & cardigan but could not afford to buy two of each in the shop at the time.

    I decided to have a browse around Drogheda and found the exact same jumper and cardigan for 12 euro each in the Children’s shop on West st. Thats a difference of nearly 10 euro per item!!!!!

    I was really annoyed I had bought anything at all in Swords and if the price of petrol wasn’t so high, I would have brought them back.

    One mum suggested to me that the cheaper ones we bought in Drogheda may be of lesser quality and were ‘probably made in a sweatshop’ but I compared them and they have exactly the same labels and I mean 100% identical. There is literally no difference in them at all. They come from the same place.

    I like to buy local as much as possible and I will definitely be picking up any school jumpers, ties, cardigans etc that my children need in the Children’s shop again this year.

    Just wanted to let you all know to check and compare prices before you buy!

    The Children’s Shop, 95 West st Drogheda. Phone (041)9830164 and email Mary & Ruth @


    That’s unreal! If it was a euro or two, fair enough, but €10!
    That shouldn’t be allowed.

    We have to get our tracksuits there, or in Gibtex – personally I prefer the Childrens Shop, I think their clothing is better quality.


    I told Mary & Ruth that I would spread the word to as many mammies as I could so pass it on!!!! When you have 2 or 3 children in school, it all really adds up!!!


    i’ve got E1’s school track suit in the Children’s shop – the staff couldn’t be nicer or more helpful
    I got E1’s first track suit for junior infants – she actually got senior infants out of it too – we got her a new one for first class but it’s only for size as the older one is PERFECT, ok not as fluffy on the inside but if you lie the old & new beside each other you’d only know the difference by feelinginside!
    That’s crazy that the shop in Swords was charging so much more as Yvonne said a few euro fair enough but € 10!!!! 😡

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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