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    Sorry, you’ll have to pardon my lack of knowledge about this sort of thing! DD is starting school in September in Donacarney, do I have to buy the crested official uniforms? Someone told me I can get away with Dunne’s brand, is this true? What on average will I need? One tracksuit, polos, etc? Does she have to wear a skirt? I feel like such a ponce asking these questions haha!


    get 2 of everything its essential so they will last the week. 😀


    hi my daughter in donacarney going into 3rd class ,they do P.E. 2 days a week ,you can get the plan tracksuits top in dunnes or the 1 with the crested ,i got the crested one in kobi in think it 22 euro there for the top and a few pairs of navy bottems in penny .they only wear the tracksuit on P.E days the the uniforms the other 3 days .they can wear navy trousers when it get cold ,so i get the skirts and apair of trousers too,


    Have a look on the dunnes stores website section for uniforms and you will see there whole selection and prices also tesco do great value in uniforms. hth.


    Not at all silly for asking, none of us have a clue when school starts, its all new so best thing to do is ask other parents!

    I get 2 tracksuits for my daughter (she is not wearing the uniform yet so this does her for the week, we change half way through or if one gets dirty)

    and for our son who is older, we get 1 tracksuit, 1 crested jumper (from the kids shop, 20 something euro for that) 2 pairs of trouser and 2 shirts from M&S. I find they wear really well – he is very hard wearing on clothes; he plays football and gets really mucky, so we need tough ones for him.

    Keep an eye out for special offers in the shops, I got 3 for 2 in M&S last year and was very happy with the quality and prices for everything I got.



    M & S are doing 20% of school uniforms at the minute

    I got dd a pinafore and trousers.
    Got two plain jumpers
    THe school tracksuit
    I assume she has to wear a polo shirt under the track suit – but could only find these in packs of two which was a pain as she only has to wear it one day.
    Got blouses
    Got her tie in children’s shop for € 2

    Can’t wait for her to start just dreading the first day 😆 😆


    Munchin – its a sad and happy day! They look so cute but your heart breaks as they wander off into the class room. Makes you realise they are not babies anymore!! 🙁

    I really do like the M&S uniforms – our son walks to the bus each morning kicking a ball with his friends and its the same on the way home; so he is constantly manky dirty from playing and falling etc and his M&S trousers/shirt etc have not ripped or faded all year. Very happy with them, will definitely get the shirts, trousers etc there again this year.

    Saw the little girl pinafores in there this morning – they are soooo adorable!


    ah, thanks for the tips ladies…i really was clueless at where to start! will check out m&s this weekend! when in doubt, ask mumstown 😀

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