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    I am buying the regular stuff like skirts, shirts, pinafore, socks etc in M&S because even though they are not the cheapest, they are excellent quality and last years. My son has gotten 2 years out of his trousers and shirts, so I only have to replace them now because he is literally too big for them! They have 20% all school uniforms at moment so I am picking up bits & pieces in stages at the moment.

    For the crested uniforms (rubbish idea whoever came up with that moneyspinner) I used to go to Pat O’Farrell in Swords but last year I discovered the Children shop on West St in Drogheda had the crested jumpers & cardigans I needed for 10 euro cheaper and they had all the same manufacturing labels, which suggests they were made in the same place!!

    The tracksuits I could not find for a good price anywhere – they seemed to be 29.95 everywhere so if anyone knows where to get crested tracksuits a bit cheaper, please let me know.

    School costs a fortune when you have 3 children going!!!!


    You know me… I’m shocking with names of streets here….. but the shop across from the Augustinian…. is that Shop Street? He has the tracksuits…. I was in with him the other day getting some raingear… and he said he’ll have our school stuff. I will be going there…. not bothering with Swords….


    That’s menswear chewie, I got some tracksuit uniforms in there last year. They were the same price as Swords though it was easier to buy local and cut out the travelling to Swords.

    I’ll check him out again this year and see what he is charging – I was hoping he would be a bit cheaper.

    M&S still have the 20% off and the stuff just lasts so much longer. I bought shirts in Dunnes last year and they are not nearly as good and the Tesco polo shirts are flimsy compared to the M&S ones.

    Its all money, money, money. Free education my eye!!!


    my dd1’s tracksuit is 30.80 BUT in saying that after 2 years of being worn twice a week it’s still in perfect condition and will go away for when dd2 starts

    when dd1 was in junior infants i got almost everything in M & S
    Last year i got a mixture of bits between dunnes, tescos & M&S and i think i’ll probably go back to M&S this year… haven’t been organise enough this month to start buying – i like getting the bits in early then put them in the bottom of the wardrobe until the holidays are nearly over 😉


    And I just heard they cut the Back to school allowance from last year. It was 150 I think but it apparently gone down to 100 a child.

    Its not easy….


    30.80 for a tracksuit in this economy – its absolute madness when you think about it. we should get rid of crested uniforms. 😈

    I’ve already spent 120 on books (and I got a 10% discount and free shipping with the Eason offer on here) and have to get some more books which are only available in the school. Then have to get schoolbags, shoes, runners, polo shirts, shirts, a tie, skirt, 2 tracksuits and also have to pay the 225 euro school registration fees.

    At this moment I feel like packing a suitcase and getting the heck out of here. Its a real struggle paying for the costs associated with school and we hand down tracksuits and as much as we can between our children, so we really make things last well but its still so expensive.

    Its no wonder we cannot go on holidays abroad anymore 🙁 🙁


    i’ve kept all dd1’s junior infant uniform – apart from her trousers everything is still in good enough condition that dd2 (if they fit her) will be able to wear them when she starts… I’ve a feeling though most of them wont’ fit her as she’ll be older than dd1 was and is a taller child BUT If they don’t – the school has a summer fete every year and have a stall for selling on unwanted uniforms that are still wearable.

    30.80 is alot BUT dd2 is in monstessori and i bought her two tracksuits from M&S so cost what about € 20 – which is fine but they’re both going in the rag bag come Thursday as she couldn’t wear again – at least the dd1’s tracksuit lasted 2yrs and is still perfect. I am glad though that it’s only the track suit that is crested – my niece is starting secondary school in September and the uniform is crested and my poor sister nearly had a heart attack at the price!

    As for all the nick nacks yeah it’s an expensive time – last year i got alsmot everything in may/june but circusmtances this year i’ll be spreading the cost out over the summer and i’ve only one in primary at the minute 🙄


    OMG – that is mad money!!! Our voluntary is 40euro per family – it used to be 60 but they put it down. From this year, we have book rental – 45euro junior or senior infants, 65euro all other classes.

    The uniform – we only have tracksuits now. The sweatshirt is crested but you can buy the crest and add it on. Might be worth thinking about. I bought 2 crests the first year – 5euro I think.


    We cannot buy crests – tried that before but could not find them anywhere!

    In fairness, the tracksuits do last well and we get 2-3 years out of them so they are good quality but when you have 3 children going, it becomes a bit much. 🙁


    hate to be bearer of bad news sabbi but according to my sister it only gets worse – her daughter starts secondary school in september and she’s to use a laptop, so between laptop, uniform, workbooks, school bus, registration fees etc etc it’s costing in the region of 1500 to get her ready for 1st year – now obviously subsequent years shouldn’t be as dear but i think i may start saving now for my two!

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