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    Hi All,
    Got the guys school uniform tonite they looked class. Its a tracksuit for the 1st 2 years, got them in the Childrens Shop Drogheda, green sweatshirt & grey bottoms. Bottoms are too big, might fit them properly come september. Went into M&S, does everyone know that its buy 3 get cheapest one free. I got 2 packs of airtecks t shirts (3 per pack) and 1 pair of trousers for only €10. Going to pick them up some more trousers in marks, need my mam to take them in a bit for me.
    I know its only June but i couldnt resist. :lol: :lol:


    Gosh Lai that was a good deal!!

    My ds will be in senior infants next year, and if he is anything to go by like this year, I will need about 5 pairs of bottoms for him!!! He keeps putting the knees in them!!

    The joys 😀


    you can also get school uniforms from Next but you have to go into the store and order them from the catalogue.


    Hi all,
    As a complete novice in the area of buying school uniforms, can anyone recommend the best place/s to buy good quality ones i.e. ones that wash really well etc. My little girl is starting this September!

    Thanks ladies for yr help,



    Hi Sweetypie – from all reports and have recently bought a uniform for my DD, the Childrens Shop on West Street is the place to buy… its beside the Moorland Cafe.


    sweetypie, dunnes are great for shirts (so is pennys for that matter) and pants/skirts are really good from dunnes as well, wash really well!
    I 2nd the childrens shop for jumpers though, deerpark ones, they do not bobble, shrink, fade or nothing, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! i give mine to my neighbour for her ds who is a year below mine and her ds wore it all year as well as my ds getting a year out of it the year before!!!


    i got dds cardigan in the childrens shop last yr (used to get them in roches stores) and it shrunk on the first wash the buttons all fell out of it aswell( deer park ones) M&S are usually good igot her a second uniform in dunnes really cheap and it lasted her all yr and id say id get another yr out of the skirt and jumper


    For anyone needing grey trousers, Heatons seem ok for them. both my boys have long legs and need extra lenght and the ones in heatons are great.

    kobi fashions also do the congress avenue tracksuits.


    I was in Dunnes in Swords on Saturday and they had buy one get one free on navy uniforms – wish I had seen that before!


    Anyone seen any dark grey tracksuit bottoms. The ones with the Gaelscoil uniform are huge, looking for backup pairs.


    Try Pennys for tracksuit bottoms, they usually have light grey dark grey and navy, they last great, got some for DD last year.

    The deerpark cardigans and jumpers in the childrens shop are great, got one last year and it will do her again this year. Sainsburys in newry last 3 for 2 on the school wear and I see Adams has a 50% off sale on school wear too…



    I find Dunnes and Pennys very good for traksuit bottoms.

    Dunnes in the Town Centre still has the sale on 2 for price of 1 for navy skirts, Pinafores and girls trousers (navy).


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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