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    Just rang Bus Eireann and school transport suspended… got in this morning but no evening transport home.


    We car pooled this morning and will again this afternoon…was surprised that the school was opened!


    we’re lucky primary school is literally across the road, but have to remember the teachers who travel from rural areas…..secondary school is like a ghost school according to my daughter. But no transport kinda sorts it for us.


    Did not get any notice, waited at the bus stop this morning.

    Thanks to a mum going to the school she took my kids. She saw plenty of kids waiting…..

    Now got note about no bus until better conditions.
    My kids may skip school, don’t have a car, I need the bus.

    I know some mums with car who are afraid of driving in bad weather and did choose the bus, so they don’t have to drive, I do understand.

    Now in Germany, all cars and public transport have by law to have winter tyres.
    The bus compagnies could they not plan the fact that bad weather can happen!
    Too easy to stop it all because of snowflakes.
    When your job is to drive, your bus should be ready to do so if roads are okish but not great.

    It’s more dangerous to have unprepared people driving, rather than experienced professionanl drivers if the bus has the equipment.

    It’s only november, will it be like last year?
    I’m a bit upset. I have to count on my friends to take care of my children. They are very good to us, but that’s not the point.

    I am a fan of car pooling. I did it for some afterschool activities. But…



    have to agree, the school buses and public transport should be able to operate with special tyres for the weather and drivers who are ‘professional’ drivers. People need some transport and would be much safer to have one ‘professional’ driver than lots of mums and dads trying to get to the same school. The country comes to a standstill.

    Another big gov. issue…..never mind the recession the country comes to a standstill with a bita snow.


    i think we are the only ones to blame that the school bus system comes to a standstill….. its was claim central in Ireland for year, so i can understand why the bus companies dont want to take the risks

    Where is the snow??? Dh started working nights tonight, he left Drogheda before 6.45pm to be in for 8pm, he texted at 7.50 to say he had just got to airport, the M1 was fine but the road out of Drogheda was iike Glass…. so if traveling between Drogheda and the M1 tonight or tomorrow take care
    Hope the schools arent closed, the poor man will have to get sleep tomorrow, not a hope if ds1 and ds2 are here killing each other, i thought he would have gotten peace and sleep till about 4pm!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Our kids got the bus this morning….no problems! Looks ok from here – a bit icy but not too bad. Think it was worse yesterday. Hope it thaws out as day goes on.


    This is another reason why we can’t keep saying its like we’re back int he 80’s….. in the 80’s our Village was always gritted and I remember cursing the School Bus which always arrived, maybe a half hour late, but it got here…..

    No gritting done off the main Dublin Road, so no rural buses! And whats twice as infuriating is all the advertising that they are doing telling us to use public transport and leave the cars at home.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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