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    Have posted this on the education forum too ……
    At what age do kids start school ?? My dd will be 5 and 3 months when she is due to start ……is that a tad too old to start. I was told initially by school they take them when they are 5 but i think she will be well able for it at 4 ??? Whats the norm out there ?? :?


    Dont think there si a nrom as such it all depnds on if you think your child is capable or not. My ds started school when he was 4 and 4 months, he will be 9 and 4 months heading into 4th class in 9 days (WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
    There are boys in his class who are already 10 and some who will nearly be 11 but the funny thing is theyare all small enough boys so you wouldnt be able to tell hahaha.

    Its a cause for concern every year these age things ( I always say god damn the may/june/july babies) lol

    Me (jan bday) my bro (june bday) and my other bro (dec bday) all started when we were 4! None of us stayed back and my little bro(17) just got his 1st choice on his CAO today 🙂


    depends on child.hard to know really.i think most schools now they have to b 4 before march if they are to b accepted .i know thats the case with my localschool. my ds was 5 and 4mnths starting. dd will b 4and 6mnths.he just didnt seem ready at4 emotionally,dd is well ready .just diffrent personalities.dont think it makes too much difference in long run,whatever you as parents feel happiest when to send will prob b the right decision for u 😉


    the big issue that springs to mind is when they go to secondary school. I know local schools in the Drogheda area for example can have many more applying than there are places so they would go on criteria such as catchment area, if a sister in the school and age. Some children who are very young starting secondary school can find it difficult to get a place simply due to age. That would be my biggest concern now about starting my youngest in school. Years ago it wasnt an issue as there were enough places.

    The other is each school is different on age. There doesnt seem to be a set age as long as they start school by 6yrs. I would judge them not so much by age but if they seem emotionally ready for school and able to cope with all that brings…..some younger children are great and again some older children still struggle with it all. Each child is different.


    Thanks for all the replies ….have posted under education. 😀 😀


    The schools change the age every year based on how many they have going in – it is to keep their numbers up and their teachers. Nothing to do with the maturity of your child.

    By law, you must send your child by 6 yrs. The local school here had a cut off for children 4 by 31st March last year – because they had so many applying. This year, they were short, so they extended the age until 31st June.


    I think its a personal thing, i think the older they are the better (but thats just me)
    I have spoken to a few people about this, when i was trying to pick a year for ds1 to start school i spoke to the head of his school, he told me that he himself started his kids at 5… he said little joey might be able to do his ABC’s etc but its the whole social and emotional part of school that 4 year olds cant cope with…. he said he can see it at breaktimes and how the older kids cope in a playground with 300 other kids

    i have to say in the past twelve months my ds1 has grown up SO MUCH, dont think he would have been able for school at 4…

    Ds1 who is starting next week (YIPPEE) will be 5 and 2 months and when ds2 starts (please God) he will be 4 and 10 months…. but i would say he would be able to start at 3 if i’d let him 🙄 Totally different child to ds1, when we went to look at ds1’s classroom in June ds2 went in and sat down and said "bye mammy!" he was only 1.5 😆 😆 😆 😆

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