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    Im sure most schools take out cover insurance for children… my daughter fell outside a few weeks, when she was admitted my sister told me to tell them i am using her school insurance system..

    I downloaded the form and need to send receipts away to get the money back..

    As a family we are with Aviva and have cover..

    I just wonder could i stop the childrens cover with Aviva and use their school cover..

    Any ideas


    Hi libby1,

    The school insurance is most likely a personal accident insurance plan which would cover your child for any accidents that occurred on the school grounds, school trips etc.

    I assume that the Aviva policy you mention is a private medical insurance plan which is a very different type of policy as it covers health care costs for your child which occur as a result of illnesses or accident that occurs anywhere, not just on school grounds.

    Therefore it wouldn’t be advisable to take your child off your Aviva policy as it will leave them uncovered should they become ill or have an accident outside of school.

    Hope this helps and if the Aviva plan you mention isn’t health insurance please let me know.

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    It also depends which school insurance you took out.. you usually have the option of school times only – or 24/7 cover.. you should check out which cover you took out. there are two prices with the school insurance, we paid €9 for the 24/7 cover.


    Thanks Squaremile

    We took out 24/7 insurance

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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