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    My ds goes to St. Marys Boys School – They are finished at 12 on Friday , my daughter goes to Fatima and they finish at 1:50 on Thursday for a Teachers meeting.

    I just wonder why they don’t come back a day earlier and sort this out..

    There is so much planning to do with Babysitters etc


    libbey its only the start of it 😈 i think it is proberly to do with sorting out the school calender like pe days .computer days etc for each class


    i agree, it should have been done on the school hols, like they get paid for being off so i dont know why they cant have it done b4 they go back to school.

    god only knows how many half days my ds will have this year and they are given at such short notice that majority of the times i have to take off work GRRRRRR


    yep same here, DS is finished at 12 as wel grghgrhghgh!! 👿


    Schools are not actually suppose to close so early for staff meetings- ie if school closes at 2.30 normally they are only suppose to close for a staff meeting at 1.30 and then the staff meeting should go on until 3.30 (so there is one hour in school time and one out).

    Start complaining to the local school (politely of course!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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