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    This year our daughter is starting secondary school and the costs are astronomical. I am feeling very frustrated right now at how and why a school would be putting parents under this kind of financial strain; especially in the current environment

    Her school has decided, that on top of the expensive ipad and crested uniform she must have, they are also introducing – for the first time this year – a new crested PE kit too! Every year it gets more and more expensive to get our children prepped for the school year and this year, when so many of us have lost our jobs, it is just crazy there are new expenses being added. I am furious abut it tbh! I asked the school about it and they said – ever so patronisingly – that if parents are struggling with costs, to contact the school and let them know. I don’t even think its just about whether or not parents are ‘struggling’ – What’s annoying me is that they have added more costs than ever before this year. It just seems ludacris! Here is what we have to pay for our daughter to attend secondary school (if it actually even opens on time) in August:

    Admin fee €100
    ipad – €545 (must buy from school recommended supplier, not allowed to buy elsewhere)
    Crested & personalised school jacket €50 (school recommends a supplier who is very expensive, thankfully there are other options like & Bestwear in Drogheda)
    Crested School jumper €30 (again, will buy from Bestwear or Schoolbox, same quality but better price)
    P.E. bottoms €37
    P.E. top €55
    Maths pack €30
    Art pack €20
    Schoolbag with ipad protection, approx €30
    Shoes, all leather, approx €25
    Stationery approx €40
    Lock for locker €10

    This is almost €1,000 – FOR ONE CHILD!!!!

    I wonder did teachers take a pay cut this year due to Covid-19? Do they have any idea of the financial pressure parents are under? How can the politicians sit back and allow schools to make parents pay out so much money every year.

    I think this is completely unfair on parents. anyone else feeling stressed about Back to school costs???

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