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    Just did my yearly school books online and got them covered and delivered, happy days that one thing out of the way :)

    the site i use is and they are giving a 5% discount on all orders.

    Thought this might be useful to some of ye here :)


    God you are organised…..we havent even got the book list yet. Its is usually given out on the last day or posted out a few days later.

    I got them online last year for the first time and it was great. Will be doing it again this year.


    wow tlk about organised 😆 i havent even being given Ms one. think ill do it as soon as i get it not running around the day before she was back in school and im due babs end of aug. have her uniform tough got it for little of nothing in adams a while back and got her socks and tights so jsut shirts and she isnt getting a new tracksuit this yr 🙄


    I have to be organised, at €76 for his books (not including money for teacher, book loan scheme and tracksuit) ill be bloody broke over the summer and thats a no no 🙂

    Yeah lisa his nana got me pants and shirts in adams when they were all on sale, so wont be buying them until they are on sale again in oct 🙂

    got the book list yest, that was the first thing done this morning when i came into work 🙂


    I got them online last year – saved a lot… Will get them as soon as list are out….
    Saves all the hassle tooo

    Inactive are very good. I ordered from them 2 years ago. Last year I used but the covering was very sloppy. I’ll be going back to schoolbooksonline this year.

    My god, some schools are great with getting their book list out. We probably won’t get ours until the day they finish


    I didnt even know these sites existed !! 😳 Will def look them up, sounds great that you can get them covered and delivered…one less thing to worry about….


    Indeed it is dinomum, i rem when i was at school getting book list and q’ing for hours with my mam in wiseowl, good god!!!

    wise owl also has there own website too that delivers to your door.

    there are loads of them i just found very quick on delivery and reasonably priced.


    Oh I didnt know wise owl had a site or did delivery…thanks for that yummy !

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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