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    Hi all.
    Im a stay at home mom for 3 years now and with money getting tight and dh getting laid off, i decided to take a plunge and go do a course in the hope of making a business for myself at the end of it and a better life for our family.
    This course starts in 5 weeks and is full-time for 1 year.
    I know that its going to be worth it in the long run but after 3 years of being at home with my ds’s every day, the thoughts of being out studying 5 days a week, 9-5 for a year scares the living daylights out of me.
    Dh will be the main carer staying at home and taking over everything that we all do an daily basis.
    I am finding the thoughts of doing this course and being away from my ds’s very scary.
    Am i being silly or what?????



    I dont think your being silly. I think your being very honest with yourself. Its a big step and you realise this. I m sure it will be tough at times but you just have to focus on the end result and stay positive.

    Hope that helps a bit



    Of course its scary but at least you have your partner minding the kids and not having to pay someone for it. At the end of it all you’ll be delighted that you did it and they’ll be so proud of you. And the year will fly by… 😉 😉

    super minder

    everyone has dought when they go to do anything different. change is good and i think your doing a fab thing. too many people wait till its to late to do something to hell with there furture. youwill be tired . your will feel guilty but these feelings are a sign of a good parent thats thinking of her kids and finding a new challenge.

    go get them girl xxxx


    Thanks girls. xxx
    I have spoke to dh about the way i feel but i think only mothers really understand what its like.
    Thank god i have him here though and hes really supportive of me to do this.
    Im going to grab it with both hands and go for it.
    Only for mumstown, i’d be lost.
    Thanks again, fellow mums. xxx


    you go girl…. it cant be easy for you but fair play to you.. you will be working a part of your body that hasnt had much work over the past 3 years…. your brain!!!

    its only normal that your feeling as you do, but its just like riding a bike you will settle after a few weeks and being a SAHM will feel Alien to you!
    You will read this post in a few weeks and laugh at how you were feeling…. let us know how you get on and best of luck


    It will be an adjustment, but like everyone said you will get used toit and never look back! My hubby left his job last summer to start up his own business, and at the time all I was worried about was how we’d manage financially. I went back to work part time in the evenings and I can honestly say we have not had to worry, you just make cut backs and get on with it!! The hardest thing I found was the emotional change, so preparing yourself for that helps…changing the way you have always run the house, changing your little routines, having him around the house more yet never having much time to talk to each other….it drove me made how my hubby used to put the dishes away differently!!! Sounds silly but these things have to be adjusted to…have you spoken to your hubby about how he is feeling becoming the SAHD (stay at home dad)…this will be a big adjustment for him! In saying that there is no reason to think it won’t work out and be the best decision you ever made! Now 6months down the line I am so glad we took the plunge, I wouldn’t change it for anything!! Best of luck!!


    best of luck with the study, you will be fine…yes it’s gonna be tough on you both, him for becoming a sahd, but surprisingly men seems to cope a little better, you will be stressed out wondering what if etc etc, but seriously don’t you’ll be fine, and it’s so normal to feel this way too….

    i decided to go to college granted it’s one evening a week but still have a lot to do in order not to waste the money spent on it and really achieve it, i found it was an easy decision to make as i wanted to move on in my life and do something for myself that would benefit us as a family, having been a sahm for 4 years, i found that people were negative towards it even saying i was abandoning my children, but really i looked at that as being so untrue and thinking that i should be proud of what i was going to achieve and how my family would feel about what i was doing for them…i have never looked back and would totally recommend studying, yes it’s a challenge, yes there can be guilt, tiredness but stay focused on what the end will bring….and believe whole heartedly in yourself, and you will do fine….

    best of luck….


    just wanted to wish you the very best in your course – off course your scared it’s abit adjustment but fair play and the kids will be fine. My dh is a sahd not off choice but it’s working – alot of adjustment but we’re getting there!!!!


    I’ve took the plunge and registered for the course today.
    I’ve to get through an aptitude test and initial interview process and will be starting in 5 weeks.
    Im starting to feel alot more positive now and think of the good aspects of it.
    DH is really looking forward to the whole SAHD thing (he’ll soon get tired of that 😆 )
    I’ve sat the kids down and told them too and my ds1 (whos 3 next week) said ‘mammy me miss you but when you finish i take you to the zoo’.
    More like me take him but the thought for him made it feel sooo good.
    So here go’s nothing…..Stress…..Tiredness…..Study….Emotional Rollercoaster….Life…….here i come!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    And i’ll say it again……….Mums of mumstown, yous are the best. 😀


    Well done Grainne. Wish you every success with your course



    You’ve done the hardest part-you made the decision!! Best of luck and keep us posted!!!


    Well done


    that’s fantastic, well done, you’ll do great…keep up posted


    Firstly let me congraulate Mumstown on their fab new website makeover… 🙂

    Thought i would come and thank you mums for the fantastic support towards me going for this course. You all really put my mind at ease.
    I am having a real ball since starting the course. Im 6 weeks in and its really really tough but so rewarding and exciting. I’ve made loads of new friends and have found my self confidence again and wow does "me" love being back! 🙂 It has been hard though, leaving the kids but they enjoy me and i enjoy them more when i am at home. DH even has the 2 of them potty trained!! Hes loving it but sometimes feels guilty because i always say how much i miss being at home with them but i love what im doing and its working out really well, so far. I have still a long way to go, another 8 months but im going to enjoy every minute of it.
    I’ve a new lease of life and have found myself more outspoken and not so shy and the girls on my course are great.
    So any moms out there considering doing a course or going back to work, i advise you to go for it because the guilt will soon pass and you have to spend time away from them sometime if anything to have a better relationship with them and a bit of "you" time.
    It not all going to be plain sailing but lifes not plain sailing so what have you got to lose.
    Thanks mumstown for putting my mind at ease. xxxx 🙂 <3

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